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Unreached people groups shrinking! December 16, 2010

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Good afternoon everyone (that is if you’re in my timezone when you read this!).

With all of the bad press about the moral state of society, issues within the church [globally], the rise of anti-Christian movements, on to “civilization as we know it”, I wanted to share some good news about the spread of Christianity.

Youth With A Mission’s Global Leadership Team (“GLT”, the international eldership body of YWAM) have recently concluded a week of prayer and strategy meetings. As an international missions organization we are fairly up to date on statistics and numbers regarding Christianity on the globe, especially within the developing world. While we don’t espouse to have all of the facts on this, the following statement from an individual within the GLT who works both within YWAM as well as with numerous other evangelical organizations, is encouraging.

“The GLT then heard a presentation about Call 2 All, a partnership between hundreds of organizations that is led by Mark Anderson of YWAM. He announced that in the last four years as these organizations have met together in different gatherings around the world, and as they have made commitments together, they have seen amazing progress. He said that four years ago, their research showed 639 people groups of over 100,000 people in size that had no known believers and nobody working among them. Now, as God has blessed the joint efforts of Call 2 All members, work has begun to reach 456 of these unreached groups, 2,500 new full-time workers have gone out, 17,700 churches have been started, and they have seen 329,000 people make decisions to accept Christ.”

Now, that’s good news.  One thing that really excites me in this announcement is the fact that it happened through the coordination and cooperation of many different mission organisations and churches. Yay! That’s a huge part of who we are as YWAM: interdenominational, and valuing the local representation of Christ (the church). It’s not about us, but about His Kingdom going to the people who perish without Him.

Thanks for your prayers and support; not just for us, but for each other! The mission field exists wherever your feet take you, at any minute.  Blessings,


ps. For more info about the various elements of YWAM International, hit this: YWAM

Changes to YWAM's logo over 50 years


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