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God is on the move.. March 20, 2012

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Greetings Friends!

It has been a busy and fruitful beginning to 2012!  We are so privileged to serve the King of all Kings and to be part of the gospel reaching the ends of the earth!

Recently, the Montana DTS had amazing outreaches to Thailand, India, and Malaysia.

Malaysia highlight – Our team of young people found themselves staying in a red light district area.  So they began reaching out to the sexually broken and drug addicts.  The team made a couple key discoveries as they entered this challenging atmosphere.  1.  Don’t dress nice, dress like a traveler (sorta hippy) and they will be more open!  2.  Invite them out for a meal – food is a way to their hearts!  These discoveries led to times of prayer and sharing the very good news of Jesus!  The team was able to share these keys (dress like a hippy and feed them) with some local Malay Christians who have since carried on evangelism and discipelship in that area!

India – Our DTS team prayed for the sick and they were healed!  These signs and wonders led to commitments to follow Christ!  Check out an amazing youtube clip this team made while in India at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufamfjvyoVM   You don’t want to miss it!

Thailand -The harvest is ripe!  This team experienced God’s favor, bringing hundreds of people to concerts they were giving and being able to share about Jesus from the stage as well as one on one to countless young Thais!  One of the leaders, a friend, said it was particularly difficult to bring the team home.  She just wanted to stay!  Being a part of turning someone’s eternal destiny heavenward is a pretty rewarding job =)

We love being a part of equipping these DTS staff for leadership, and the impact they have in the nations.  We have been able to teach/train here in MT with the DTS and Dance school, as well as Cimarron and Colorado Springs in Colorado with the DTS and School of Biblical Studies staff.  We also participated in the International DTS Centre meetings in England, which boosted our faith and reminded us of the importance of our work.

Next week we begin “The Multiplier”. This is a version of our 6-week leadership school, DTS Equip, created for advanced trainers and leaders so that they can be equipped to plant the program in their regions. A small group of trainers is coming specifically to  take it to… Ukraine & the Caribbean!  We are so thankful that God is raising up trainers to strengthen discipleship in the nations! This year alone we are running 3 DTS Equip leadership programs: the Multiplier, DTS Equip in Montana in June, and then again in Cambodia in September.  (PS. Plans are emerging for even more leadership development in other nations in 2013, but more about that later!)


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