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Join The Team February 7, 2010

Many people like you want to be involved in missions in a more tangible way.  However, they are often caught in a tension between their existing “mission” to their workplace (totally valid), and a calling to more front-line mission work (equally valid).  Below are some ways to be involved with us, in our work, which can become an new extension of yourself in missions.

The fact is that we cannot do any of this without supporters like yourself.  Never underestimate the significance that each individual brings to a team, no matter how small the contribution may feel. Believe us, it means more to us than just money!  Knowing that people are praying for us, communicate with us, commit to send us regular financial support or even a one-time gift, is such an amazing boost to our morale and confidence. “It is not good for [a missionary] to be alone” (my translation 🙂 ) .  In fact, the word missionary comes form the Greek word misseo, which is also translated as apostle.  This word literally means “to send out”,  or “sent one”.  As Paul himself says in Romans 10:14-15

14How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15And how can they preach unless they are sent?…

For us to do what God is calling us to do, we need a team around us. This could be you. If we are the arrow, you are the bow. Join us! You will be amazed what can be accomplished  together, as well as the fruit in your own life (or church’s life) that can be reaped through giving to missions. Believe us, God blesses it, all around.  Below are various ways people can support us, with a monthly need-amount.  We have learned that different churches, families or individuals, like to give differently.  The first is the simplest…


We assume, even expect that all of our supporters (financial or other) pray for us. We also pray for you.  But there are some who are called to this ministry specifically.  We love these supporters!  Testimony: We were in India in a rough situation, leading a team of young adults.  One day we were off to preach to the leader of a political party known for his brutal persecution of Christian pastors and workers.  Only the guys went out to ministry that day.  We rallied our supporters back home into intercession.  We had an amazing day of ministry.  Safe, effective, and it even flowed into the week in specific areas.  Many times we hear that  one of our supporters had been praying for us at that very time, or have given exactly when we needed it most. This happens a lot!



For those of you filing taxes in the USA, you can receive tax-deductible receipts by giving your support through YWAM Montana. You can send cash, checks or set up automatic electronic debit (contact us for details).  For checks,  all must be made out to “YWAM”. Do not write our name on the check, but include a note indicating it is for us with our volunteer id #, 3384. Send it to…

Jeremy and Molly West

501 Blacktail Road

Lakeside, MT 59922


(Accounting Department contact: +1 406 844 2223, accounting@ywammontana.org)


You can support our work in 3 easy ways:

– transfer donations electronically into our NAB account (contact us for details),

– through my family in Sydney Australia, who then forward support to us,

– through our church, Victory Christian Church, in Sydney.   (Email: office@victoryccc.com.au)

Unfortunately, current Australian tax law doesn’t provide tax deductions for Australian residents who donate.


HOUSING and FOOD: $1000 per month. We are a growing family and fortunately our rent costs are minimal living with YWAM.

HEALTH INSURANCE: ~$300 per month.  Due to our income level, the children are covered by the government here in Montana. However we are not, and this is an area in the USA that must be maintained. This is actually reasonably priced, but is only basic coverage for emergency incidents.

COMMUNICATIONS: ~$130 per month. We need phones! We separate this due to it’s direct role in our ministry. Also, it’s safer for us to have individual phones out here in the mountains, especially in the winter! 🙂

TRANSPORTATION: ~$300 per month (this includes insurance)

INCIDENTALS: ~$200 plus


You can sponsor projects or individuals we are working on.  E.g…

MISSIONS ASSIST: I often receive invitations to teach and train in ministry locations that cannot afford to bring teachers in. These are often pioneering situations or ministries within underdeveloped nations such as Cambodia, Pacific islands, the Caribbean, Taiwan, India, Nepal, etc.  Missions Assist is a separate account set up through YWAM Montana specifically set aside for this ministry. You can give directly into this account. Designate checks to YWAM, with a note included with “Missions Assist dept'”.

DTS EQUIP: Our leadership training course for the DTS. We are in a season of ongoing pioneering and supporting this new ministry globally. This costs money. Extra money. The program itself generates only a fraction of what is needed to expand this work, which provides first-class development for people who might never be able to receive it otherwise.  This due to financial restrictions, oftentimes persecution, and government restrictions.

REAL PEOPLE-NEEDS: (you can give through us to these individuals, or we can place you directly in touch with them personally)

Sponsor a Cambodian discipler: $50/month

Sponsor a Vietnamese discipler: $50/month

AIRFARES & TICKETS: Some donors have supported us in the form of air travel. Historically people/businesses who travel frequently for business, have been able to give miles instead of cash for specific trips. Donors provide mileage program miles; I cover any taxes and/or fees. This has been VERY useful to us in serving many of our ministry projects above.


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