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Jeremy in Las Vegas March 23, 2015

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Hello everyone. What was one Australian guy (me) doing in Las Vegas with 27 ladies aged between 18 and 25?  Teaching in a Discipleship Training School focused on abolishing human trafficking and slavery and ministering to orphans, of course! Youth With A Mission runs Discipleship Training Schools that carry a specific theme or focus.  The one I have been teaching in this past week is preparing to send out two teams on outreach: one going to Nepal and India to work among orphans, and the other to Thailand and Cambodia to amid the human sex-slave industry.  The school consisted of 24 young ladies, plus their staff (of 4 ladies; where are the men?!).  We had a great week.  My topic: the cost of discipleship. It is a huge privilege to work among such committed young people, willing to be trained and sent out to some of the darkest places, to do some of the darkest work. IMG_8568 Back home, the family is doing well.  Samuel and Joel just turned 13 and 11.  Eden continues to be a confident—and darling—7 years old. At the mission here in Montana, we are just finishing up the January quarter. Our DTS has just left for their outreach in Thailand and Nepal.  I was privileged to teach in that school too, that time on grace. Thanks for following us, being on our team, or just even thinking about us!  It means a lot.

Blessings and love to you all out there,JW.


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