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Jeremy in Vladivostok, Russia December 6, 2013

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Where is that exactly you may wonder?

It is on the Pacific Coast of Russia, just above

North Korea.


He has not traveled there, however he is spending a week with them on Skype…gotta love Skype.

Of course, being physically present is the best, but second best is video conferencing.  He will be teaching on the Cost of Discipleship to a Discipleship Training School (DTS), translated over Skype into Russian.  What a privilege and honor.

Please pray for wisdom on what content to keep in and what to leave out, as translation lengthens the time significantly.

Also please pray for connection in a meaningful way, despite the electronic medium.

Speaking of Russia…it’s cold here too


It is SIX degrees Fahrenheit today, and we can’t be outside for more than a few minutes with temperatures like these.  (Eden built that snowman a couple weeks ago when it was around 30; I just included it because it’s cute.)

I mention this because it is actually affecting the speed of our internet, and we need it to be running at full capacity for the Skype connection to be strong – so that is a prayer point too.

Additionally, we want to cut down our Christmas tree tomorrow (family tradition is to go up the mountain with friends, cocoa, and treats and cut one down) but there is no way we can do it in these temperatures!

We love all you readers =) and are grateful for your encouragement and friendship.


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