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Video Message – Jeremy, “The Fullness of Christ” September 8, 2016

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Some of you have asked for links to our teachings, lectures, sermons, etc.

Periodically I am asked to preach the message at our church.  On July 31 I preached the final message in a 4-part series on the book of Colossians.

It’s 33 minutes long. I hope it comes across OK, I haven’t watched it in it’s entirety.  I could barely even stand to prep’ it for this blog!   Famous last words.



Joel receives special school award June 2, 2016

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We just had to show this.

Joel receives the special, 6th grade “Dawn Bowker Award” given for excellence in character, integrity, and citizenship.  Only one individual in the 6th grade, one in the 7th grade and one in the 8th grade at his school can receive it, for the entire school year.  Knowing that he would be away next week (when the other two are given) his wonderful teacher organized a presentation with his other 6th grade classes and teachers so, “he could receive it in front of his peers”.  She called us earlier in the week to let us know and ensure we could be there.

We are so proud of him.  He had no idea it was going to happen  🙂

After that we took him to get a treat, anything he wanted> “a cheeseburger, fries and EXTRA LARGE cookie-dough Blizzard”.  Ugh!  (see pics below)






Equipping November 3, 2015

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molly eden pumpkins

      Hello Friends!

We hope you have been enjoying the change in season, regardless of where you are. Here in Montana, fall has officially arrived, and in true north-west fashion, is almost gone; winter is hard on its heels!   Read on for some short updates from various parts of our lives and ministry.


2015: I recently received two encouraging emails from participants of our last leadership school (DTS Equip) for trainers, evangelists and disciplers from various parts of the world.  It’s good to know the work is hitting the mark.  They write,

“I honestly can’t say enough about you or DTS equip so I’m hoping we have more guys out there next year.” (Pacific)

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for equip… I have been processing all of equip lately going through my notes and listening to the audios from lecture. I am so thankful; the school taught me so much!” (Eastern USA)

2016: Next year will be another year of empowering leaders and bolstering discipleship training and evangelism across the globe. We have Equips planned for 3 global regions:  Armenia (for Eastern Europe and Russia), Cambodia (for South East Asia), and in Montana, USA (for the Americas).

On the Scout trail

 Joel on the Scout trail


Samuel with friends


Summer included Mum West visiting us for an extended time. She was able to have 2 great months of relaxation, input into our family, grandkid-time and of course the opportunity to mother me around!  It was wonderful and we look forward to the next visit.

The family keeps us on our toes! Eden just turned 8, the boys are well into 6th and 8th grades, basketball, Scouts, friends and who-knows-what-else, keeps us “active”.

International training

Focused leader development

In December I head out to Cambodia to train DTS staff for an upcoming 8-nation DTS.  It is a collaborative DTS focusing on Asia and the opening of “ASEAN“, becoming a truly border-less region.  This “ASEAN DTS” consists of DTSs from 8 nations (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, and USA (Kona).

News from teams in the field:

Here is an excerpt from a DTS team on outreach in Taiwan right now.  This is a specialized DTS focusing on the outdoor industry and backpacking culture.

“Currently, we are in Xsinchu  serving at ‘Rock Climbing Church’.

This church was started by a pastor and his family who had the idea 20 years ago to reach out to the aboriginal people (Hakka tribe) through outdoor activities. He hosts a kids summer camp where he uses rock climbing, biking, river trekking, along with other outdoor skills to share Jesus. “

Thank you for following us, and for all of your involvement in making practical missions happen in the world today. Lives are being changed, a generation is being affected, and good work is getting done!  To Know God and Make Him Known, Together!

Jeremy & Molly


Which comes first: salvation or discipleship? September 14, 2015

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Hello everyone!Jeremy sermon

Which comes first: salvation or discipleship?  What is “Lordship”?

These are the questions that formed that core of my sermon last week in church.  Asked to preach on discipleship, I had a short opportunity to contribute my ‘crumbs’ to the topical feast of discipleship-through-Christ.  Since then I have been asked by people if it was available electronically.  Follow the link below to our Church’s website and you can view/hear it for yourself (note: the message itself starts at minute 6, and finishes at 1:01).

Be blessed, and thank you for the very real role you play in the lives of the West family as we work together to expand God’s Kingdom.






Summer 2015 (and a peak into 2016) August 29, 2015

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Hello everyone.

Too long since our last update!  One reason was the extreme schedule of our summer: running schools, kids on break, YWAM celebrations, and visiting relatives.  Good times.

We have just completed another Equip leadership training program here in Montana. That makes it 16 since 2007, on four continents.  This last school hosted 19 participants and 6 staff from various parts of the world.  It was a true privilege to serve these people who are committed to evangelism, discipleship, and Godly leadership in locations such as Taiwan, the Pacific, North America, Mexico, and Europe.

Angelina Ascala-001

Two such participants were Angelina (Taiwan), and Ascala (England).  Among others, they are committed to working with YWAM Taiwan to reach the Taiwanese and other Chinese speakers.  For security reasons, more can’t be said right now, but we are proud of them and look forward to potentially working together again in the future.

Sam Cambo flag

Samuel carries the Cambodia flag at YWAM Montana’s 30th celebrations

Currently we are enjoying the end of our summer here.  The YWAM ministry here in Lakeside Montana celebrated it’s 30th anniversary!  Hundreds of people–staff and students sent out from here over the years–came from all over the world to join in and reunite.  A special blessing for us, Jeremy’s mum and sister also arrived in time to take part.  While Liz needs to return to Australia soon, Mum is staying on into October giving us all a great time of family reunion and fellowship (especially with the grand kids!).

2016 is looking like one of the fullest years since being in Montana.  Family-wise, the kids are in full-swing with school: Samuel will be in 8th grade, Joel in 6th grade and Eden in 2nd!  Time flies.  Ministry-wise, we could potentially be running 4 Equip training programs next year.  We are scheduled to run Equips in Montana, Ukraine, and Cambodia, with the possibility of another one emerging.  On top of this are the teaching invitations Jeremy is receiving.  We need wisdom to decide which ones to invest in.


Thanks to everyone who stays in touch over the distance, prays, and supports us in various ways.  It’s a joy having such a great team.

Until the next blog…

The Wests!

Jeremy, Molly, Samuel, Joel, Eden (& Boomer)






Samuel. A work in progress February 26, 2015

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The other day my 12 year old said a surprising thing.  We were having a family dinner before an evening community worship meeting.  It was going to be an open forum where anyone there would be encouraged to share a “testimony of God’s goodness”: what He has done or, what is He doing in one’s life.  So, at dinner before the meeting we asked the kids, “What is a [testimony] in your life?”

Samuel, my 12 year old replied, “I don’t have a testimony”.

“Why not?” was my reply.

Well”, he said, “my testimony isn’t finished yet.  I’m in the middle of it.  It has been going for a while, but isn’t over yet.”  I was stunned.  Such simplicity, yet such uncommon depth of perspective.

Too many times we see God and what he is doing, with too narrow a perspective.  Too short-sighted. Being the consumers we naturally are, we commonly only recognize God’s handiwork after it is done, or in a single moment in time.  Unfortunately, if the process eludes us, so too does the recognition of an ever-present and involved God; lacking also is the day-to-day gratitude.

I encouraged my son to share this at the evening’s meeting; we adults need to hear his ‘testimony in action’.

He does not like attention; the thought of sharing publicly in a meeting, simply scares him!  After several others shared pieces, including a couple of other kids, Samuel got up to share.  I was facilitating the meeting, and in truth, I thought that what I had heard earlier would be all he would say.  Instead he actually unpacked it!

20150225_183625“Hi, my name is Samuel; that is my dad…”  “When I was younger, in 4th or 5th grade, I didn’t really know who I was.  I would try to “dress in other kids clothes”, and look like others. But God has been showing me who I am more lately.  The testimony isn’t finished yet, I am still in the middle of it.  Thanks”

That was humbling.  So proud.  So important.  We are all trying so hard to arrive somewhere, we so easily miss the journey.  I know that we all hear stuff like that all the time.  But hearing it from a 12-year old did something.  It encouraged us.  We are all in the middle of our testimony; in the middle of His testimony is us.


A Final Update for 2014 December 17, 2014

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Hello everyone!

For those of you in the USA, Molly and I hope you had a great thanksgiving, and for all of us, a great Christmas season ahead. We approach the end of 2014 with gratitude to God for all we have been allowed to partner with Him over this last year.  At the close of 2014, we wanted to give an “overview-update” of the year.

As most of you know, 2014 has been busy for the Wests.  I led two leadership training programs (“DTS Equip”) here in Montana (Spring and Summer), as well as overseeing and teaching in two others internationally (Ukraine and Cambodia).  In addition to these schools, there is other work we do to move missions forward.  This means that you are also part of many more initiatives and work which build the Kingdom of God locally and globally.

I also travel and train other students, staff, and leaders—both inside and outside—of YWAM.  I have just returned from a week of teaching the 130+ staff and leaders of all the Discipleship Training Schools at our Kona campus.  I have also taught in other locations in the USA, Asia and Europe.  Equipping local church members and leaders is also a joy and passion, equipping and contributing to reaching the local community.  In this vein I designed and ran a 9-session leadership development series over 18 weeks at our church here in Montana, called “CORE”.  All of the church ministry leaders, small group leaders, and pastoral staff were involved in this.  Our involvement continues to grow with our local church family, as we co-lead a small group, and I am also part of a preaching rotation.

While all of this work is valuable and meaningful, what really gives us satisfaction is sending students and staff out into the field.  This happens at the end of each quarter, as it did a week ago; these are special nights. At our community worship meeting we had the opportunity to worship together, hear from the students and staff, and then prayerfully commission four teams for their outreach assignments.  Over 50 people headed out on 4 teams to: Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, and India.  For the next two months they are not only the hands, feet, heart and voice of Jesus, they are also our hands, feet, heart and voice.  This is why we do what we do, and why YWAM exists: to obey the great commandment, and to perform the great commission.

YWAM Lakeside Montana is training and sending out dozens of teams out each year.  These teams are Bible teaching teams, discipleship teams, evangelism teams, community development teams, children’s ministry, human-trafficking ministry, English teaching, and more.

Finally, a word about our car situation.  As many of you know (and have been communicating and praying with us) we were looking hard for a car.  Well, the time of waiting came to an abrupt end with 4 degree Fahrenheit weather forecast for an upcoming weekend!  We just bought a 2007 Toyota Highlander.  It’s a great solution for us.  Smaller than our van, but with 4wd and studded tires it tackles our icy hill nicely.  Just as well, too: the night we got it we had 6” of snow and the low temperatures I mentioned.  We took the money we had, and took out a loan for the remainder (that’s info for a lot of you who had been following our “car adventure”).

We have included a few photos also.  Our Christmas tree adventure, teaching in Kona, and [for family members and those who walked with us through Samuel’s school transition] some video of Samuel’s Middle School choir.  He is front row, center.  Each are about 35-40 seconds (they were actually very good).  (Forgive the quality – most were taken with my phone, in poor light)

Merry Christmas!

Jeremy, Molly, Samuel, Joel and Eden (oh ok, Boomer too)

Kona Staff Training

Kona Staff Training

Tree and Truck

Molly the tree-hunter

20141129_170325 (1)

16 ft of glory for $5: You gotta love Montana!

To hear Samuel’s Choir, click links below:

Samuel Choir 1: http://youtu.be/sbQp95lg1Vg

Samuel Choir 2: http://youtu.be/VOP5q7wlMCY

Samuel Choir 3: http://youtu.be/QxArNPErA0w

Samuel Choir 4: http://youtu.be/mkQaPB-P0QQ


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