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Update (video) from the Westside, October 2018 October 29, 2018

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Hi all.

Welcome to Fall for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and to Spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Click the link below for a 7-min video update.  If you prefer, I can send you a written update instead.  Just LMK!

See you around!

Jeremy (and fam!)


August ’18 Update – Who, What, & Where September 3, 2018

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Hi out there.


As several people have been asking where we work and what we do in a little more

detail lately, we thought we would include that in our August update. So, for our regular followers, I apologize for the recent blog-silence.  Otherwise, enjoy a video for a change.  Here are some recent photos below, too.

Bless you all!

J and M.




Update on the run: Vegas in 120 seconds March 24, 2017

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Hello friends!

Here’s a quick  2-minute video update from my time with the Las Vegas DTS.

Thanks for following!   JW




Aloha! Super-quick 2:30min Video Update from Jeremy March 12, 2017

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A 2:30 minute video update?  It doesn’t get any quicker or easier than that!

View for a quick hello from Jeremy.



Video Message – Jeremy, “The Fullness of Christ” September 8, 2016

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Some of you have asked for links to our teachings, lectures, sermons, etc.

Periodically I am asked to preach the message at our church.  On July 31 I preached the final message in a 4-part series on the book of Colossians.

It’s 33 minutes long. I hope it comes across OK, I haven’t watched it in it’s entirety.  I could barely even stand to prep’ it for this blog!   Famous last words.



Equipping: Montana, Sth East Asia, and a short video. August 29, 2016

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Hello partners, friends and family!Wests (2)-001

With September approaching we have just completed one assignment and about to embark on another.
Montana 2016: 18th DTS Equip completed!
DTS Equip is the leadership and staff development school we created many years ago.  We recently completed another DTS Equip here in Montana, USA.  Amazingly, I think this was the 18th DTS Equip run worldwide (and the year is’t over yet!).  We had 22 participants including a couple of people who were refused visas last year.  People came from/working in…  Thailand, Russia, Nth Africa, Spain, UK, N.Z., Canada, and of course the USA.
This Equip was also exciting as we had two new school leaders co-lead the DTS Equip; a dream coming true.
ASEAN+ DTS Equip about to launch
Next month the ASEAN+ DTS Equip kicks off in Cambodia. We are feverishly preparing for that, and as of right now, we have 22 participants preparing to come from Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, USA, NZ, and Canada.  Please keep this school in your prayers.  Many of these people are making long difficult trips and finances are a real challenge.
Bless you ALL for following us, supporting the work, and encouraging us along the way.  As a final encouragement to YOU, watch this short clip:   …So God created the missionary “
This is why we do what we do.  Whether you have served with YWAM or not, anyone who sees themselves as a “sent one”, or works toward sending people, is advancing the Kingdom of God.  We can ALL be missionaries!
Jeremy and Molly

Joel receives special school award June 2, 2016

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We just had to show this.

Joel receives the special, 6th grade “Dawn Bowker Award” given for excellence in character, integrity, and citizenship.  Only one individual in the 6th grade, one in the 7th grade and one in the 8th grade at his school can receive it, for the entire school year.  Knowing that he would be away next week (when the other two are given) his wonderful teacher organized a presentation with his other 6th grade classes and teachers so, “he could receive it in front of his peers”.  She called us earlier in the week to let us know and ensure we could be there.

We are so proud of him.  He had no idea it was going to happen  🙂

After that we took him to get a treat, anything he wanted> “a cheeseburger, fries and EXTRA LARGE cookie-dough Blizzard”.  Ugh!  (see pics below)






Which comes first: salvation or discipleship? September 14, 2015

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Hello everyone!Jeremy sermon

Which comes first: salvation or discipleship?  What is “Lordship”?

These are the questions that formed that core of my sermon last week in church.  Asked to preach on discipleship, I had a short opportunity to contribute my ‘crumbs’ to the topical feast of discipleship-through-Christ.  Since then I have been asked by people if it was available electronically.  Follow the link below to our Church’s website and you can view/hear it for yourself (note: the message itself starts at minute 6, and finishes at 1:01).

Be blessed, and thank you for the very real role you play in the lives of the West family as we work together to expand God’s Kingdom.






A Final Update for 2014 December 17, 2014

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Hello everyone!

For those of you in the USA, Molly and I hope you had a great thanksgiving, and for all of us, a great Christmas season ahead. We approach the end of 2014 with gratitude to God for all we have been allowed to partner with Him over this last year.  At the close of 2014, we wanted to give an “overview-update” of the year.

As most of you know, 2014 has been busy for the Wests.  I led two leadership training programs (“DTS Equip”) here in Montana (Spring and Summer), as well as overseeing and teaching in two others internationally (Ukraine and Cambodia).  In addition to these schools, there is other work we do to move missions forward.  This means that you are also part of many more initiatives and work which build the Kingdom of God locally and globally.

I also travel and train other students, staff, and leaders—both inside and outside—of YWAM.  I have just returned from a week of teaching the 130+ staff and leaders of all the Discipleship Training Schools at our Kona campus.  I have also taught in other locations in the USA, Asia and Europe.  Equipping local church members and leaders is also a joy and passion, equipping and contributing to reaching the local community.  In this vein I designed and ran a 9-session leadership development series over 18 weeks at our church here in Montana, called “CORE”.  All of the church ministry leaders, small group leaders, and pastoral staff were involved in this.  Our involvement continues to grow with our local church family, as we co-lead a small group, and I am also part of a preaching rotation.

While all of this work is valuable and meaningful, what really gives us satisfaction is sending students and staff out into the field.  This happens at the end of each quarter, as it did a week ago; these are special nights. At our community worship meeting we had the opportunity to worship together, hear from the students and staff, and then prayerfully commission four teams for their outreach assignments.  Over 50 people headed out on 4 teams to: Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, and India.  For the next two months they are not only the hands, feet, heart and voice of Jesus, they are also our hands, feet, heart and voice.  This is why we do what we do, and why YWAM exists: to obey the great commandment, and to perform the great commission.

YWAM Lakeside Montana is training and sending out dozens of teams out each year.  These teams are Bible teaching teams, discipleship teams, evangelism teams, community development teams, children’s ministry, human-trafficking ministry, English teaching, and more.

Finally, a word about our car situation.  As many of you know (and have been communicating and praying with us) we were looking hard for a car.  Well, the time of waiting came to an abrupt end with 4 degree Fahrenheit weather forecast for an upcoming weekend!  We just bought a 2007 Toyota Highlander.  It’s a great solution for us.  Smaller than our van, but with 4wd and studded tires it tackles our icy hill nicely.  Just as well, too: the night we got it we had 6” of snow and the low temperatures I mentioned.  We took the money we had, and took out a loan for the remainder (that’s info for a lot of you who had been following our “car adventure”).

We have included a few photos also.  Our Christmas tree adventure, teaching in Kona, and [for family members and those who walked with us through Samuel’s school transition] some video of Samuel’s Middle School choir.  He is front row, center.  Each are about 35-40 seconds (they were actually very good).  (Forgive the quality – most were taken with my phone, in poor light)

Merry Christmas!

Jeremy, Molly, Samuel, Joel and Eden (oh ok, Boomer too)

Kona Staff Training

Kona Staff Training

Tree and Truck

Molly the tree-hunter

20141129_170325 (1)

16 ft of glory for $5: You gotta love Montana!

To hear Samuel’s Choir, click links below:

Samuel Choir 1: http://youtu.be/sbQp95lg1Vg

Samuel Choir 2: http://youtu.be/VOP5q7wlMCY

Samuel Choir 3: http://youtu.be/QxArNPErA0w

Samuel Choir 4: http://youtu.be/mkQaPB-P0QQ


In the Slums. Vid #2 October 22, 2010

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Go to the link below to see another quick video (5:29).

Slum Ministry, BB Oct 2010

We’re sorry about the quality. But, if you want to come on-board with us as our personal videographer, see the world, and make great clips, just let us know!

This clip is a throw-together over a couple of days doing some ministry at a slum about 1/2 km from our training location. Many of our crew went there regularly, and actually, live about 100m from it.


J & M


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