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Video Message – Jeremy, “The Fullness of Christ” September 8, 2016

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Some of you have asked for links to our teachings, lectures, sermons, etc.

Periodically I am asked to preach the message at our church.  On July 31 I preached the final message in a 4-part series on the book of Colossians.

It’s 33 minutes long. I hope it comes across OK, I haven’t watched it in it’s entirety.  I could barely even stand to prep’ it for this blog!   Famous last words.



One Response to “Video Message – Jeremy, “The Fullness of Christ””

  1. Beverley West Says:

    Excellent Jeremy! – such a powerful message and so timely – and incidentally, this is not a biased-Mother’s comment, but an acknowledgement of the truth of God’s word of Jesus in us in all His fullness! Wow how wonderful is that! – and while on the ‘Mother’ thing, as I was watching & listening Jeremy, I thanked the Lord for what He has done in you, our son and thought ‘wouldn’t it wonderful if Dad could hear you now’. Your word blessed me.

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