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Short Report from Vietnam May 14, 2013

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IMAG0584Hello everyone!

I wanted to write while I had decent internet access.  As many of you know I arrived here in Vietnam last week for two weeks of teaching in the undrgnd’ chrch and YW’ (spelling deliberately incorrect!).  Even though being away from home for 2 weeks is a stretch for me, it is an absolute privilege.  The saints here are worth it; they are my heroes.  Yet, they are so grateful for the short time and meager offerings that people like myself can bring them.  When they heard I paid for myself to come all the way from America to them for a short time, and especially just for Vietnam (not a stop off on another trip) they seemed amazed (I was actually a little shocked at this).  They are worth it.  They work tirelessly with little support, yet risk so much from the authorities (imprisonment), family (rejection), and even some of the state churches here (undgrnd chrch can be seen as “competition”).

I was asked to come and teach on the Hly Sprt.  They simply don’t get teaching here on whom He is, His function, role and relationship with the believer; it’s amazing.  Gd is real and Gd is faithful and He is eagerly meeting with his people over here.  I personally believe that a new awakening is about to happen here in Vietnam.  There is a groundswell in the undrgrnd chrch and a critical mass is about to be reached.  It feels to me much the same as Cambodia 10 years ago.

IMAG0580I have included two photos: one in Ho Chi Minh City in the school I was teaching there, and another from today in a different city (name withheld).  Security for the believers in non-approved religions is always an issue, and I know that several of the people I have worked with have been arrested in the past.  So, they cover up as much of my “white-ness” as possible, then take me to the meeting place.  While there I stay inside and away from windows, and then they shuttle me back to my hotel afterwards (I’m the one on the back!).  Fun times. We might think that it’s hard to live like that, but in a strange way we should be jealous of these people: Gd loves to break-through in the persecuted church, and the revelation, passion and zeal they have is something to aspire to.

IMAG0585Blessings to you all,



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