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West’s Christmas in Montana – Video January 17, 2011

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A little late, but worth a peek.  A short little look at our Christmas in Montana.  A few video clips, …a few photos. It all starts with the West’s Christmas tree hunt…



Seasonal Change: a bird’s-eye-view from the Westside January 14, 2011

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No surprise to anyone, time flies. It feels like we had just returned from Cambodia when I took the photo on the left, when all of a sudden a month later, I took the photo on the right (that’s how it looks now, too)! I had only just become accustomed to writing “2010” and now, 2011 is here!  With that being said, I had already been “living”  in 2011 for some time: schedules, making plans, ministry commitments, …communicating about upcoming events and projects. Looking at my wall calendar, open space begins… in September.

With so much to do, are we doing the “good” things, or the “God” things?  It has been said more than once that, “it is the good which gets in the way of the best”.  So what does a God-directed 2011 look like for the Wests?  As we move into 2011 we wanted to give you a bird’s eye view of the upcoming year, but from the perspective of “why” rather than simply “What”. We are moving into new territory for us; trying to pioneer some work, branch out into other areas, while increase effectiveness in proven ones. We invite you all to be a part of that.

Our focus is continuing to move toward leadership training and discipleship. Opportunities are opening up for us, and we are taking steps to solidify our vision, as well as commitments in that direction.

DTS Equip, our leadership program designed specifically for leaders of YWAM’s Discipleship Training School is moving forward. We are now focusing most of our time running, and developing this program, both locally and internationally. While we run one DTS Equip every year in Montana, USA, we have also pioneered this school in other locations in the Caribbean, and South East Asia. I am currently in conversation about future programs in Eastern Europe, Central America, and East Asia.

Leadership and Staff Training. I am receiving and responding to invitations to train various staff groups (outside of DTS) in discipling and leadership skills. Some of these are international opportunities, some local.

DTS Leadership Consultation. I have been invited to aid in the development, and strategic implementation of vision for a large DTS program. I have already begun these consultations and really enjoy them.

Local (and remote) mentoring. Both molly and I regularly meet with different individuals with the express purpose of mentoring. As we expand our roles and schedules this year, we can see these relationships expanding too. Some of these are within our work context, and some outside.

“Personal” ministry projects. There is a major project which I have been pondering for some time now, and last year I sensed the Lord tell me to begin. Without going into any detail, I simply ask that you would pray for me in this area. It is something new, …and challenging for me!

Overall we feel ourselves continuing in the “familiar” while making intentional moves into some newer unchartered areas.  Is 2011 a year of pioneering for the Wests?  We’ll see. Please keep us in prayer.  For a more detailed look at the ministry and teaching plan for the next few months, check out our calendar page on our site. As always, feel free to post comments, email, call… stay in touch!


Jeremy and Molly


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