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August ’18 Update – Who, What, & Where September 3, 2018

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Hi out there.


As several people have been asking where we work and what we do in a little more

detail lately, we thought we would include that in our August update. So, for our regular followers, I apologize for the recent blog-silence.  Otherwise, enjoy a video for a change.  Here are some recent photos below, too.

Bless you all!

J and M.




Making Your Reading Count When You Don’t Read Enough January 22, 2018

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Hi everyone.

I just wrote a short blog for the campus here in Montana.  It originated in a request from a younger leader in Taiwan who was an Equip student of mine.  He was asking for some practical advice on reading and retention/application.  Maybe you can relate?






Aloha! Super-quick 2:30min Video Update from Jeremy March 12, 2017

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A 2:30 minute video update?  It doesn’t get any quicker or easier than that!

View for a quick hello from Jeremy.



Merry Christmas, and a BIG THANK YOU, from our Family to Yours, 2016! December 24, 2016

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Hello everyone!

Instead of a written greeting, a little video greeting this Christmas, instead.  Enjoy!


2 Family Celebrations November 23, 2016

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#1 – Taiwan Family
I wish you could have been there with me!
Last month I sat in a huge room in Dan-Shui Taiwan, filled with Taiwanese and foreign missionaries from all over the globe. It was my JOY to celebrate 20 years of The Rock Cafe ministry in Danshui Taiwan (a free coffee-bar ministry which YWAM runs).  We listened to testimonies of many local Taiwanese who met Jesus through the Rock Cafe.  Men, women, teens, young and old, went from lives of hopelessness to lives filled with purpose and joy.  Tears of gratitude rolled – on all of our faces – as our Taiwanese brothers and sisters recalled the transformation in their lives, expressing such gratitude to Jesus and to the missionaries who served to pave the way for them to meet Jesus!
 God’s family conitunues to grow – and I know He loves it when we celebrate that!


Inline image 1
Inline image 3Displaying image.png
#2 – Mission Partners | You are family to us
This Thanksgiving, we’re celebrating God’s family growing through our partnership with you!  Together we see lives transformed, at home and abroad.
Go through his open gates with great thanksgiving; enter his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name.  For the Lord is always good. He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on to each succeeding generation.”

– Psalm 100

If you live anywhere in the USA, tomorrow you will likely be in a home with friends and family to celebrate a unique day on our calendar: Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for this holiday – a time to pause and reflect on the goodness of God in our lives.  As we consider God’s goodness and steadfast love to our families, communities, our nation, and the nations of the earth, may you overflow with thanksgiving tomorrow, and always!
We are thankful for YOU!

May 2016 Update June 1, 2016

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This last month, while busy, leaves us satisfied with successful ministry, family life, and the approaching schedule of June!
The Maui DTS

The Maui DTS

I have just returned from Maui where I was teaching in a Discipleship Training School; the topic, Identity in Christ and Discipleship. This school is now only 3 weeks away from their outreach in Bangl.adesh (spelling deliberate). This was a very fulfilling week. A small school, yet huge in heart. So dedicated to the teaching, application in their own life, and commitment to taking the gospel to the nations. When there they will be working strategically alongside existing long-term ministries.

This next week I bring to conclusion 9 months of various Staff Development teachings at our ministry campus in Montana. Each month we have been moving a small group through lessons, reading and discussion on Spiritual Formation: in self and, for the facilitation for others.
June holds a very exciting schedule for us as a family. In a week I fly to Kona, our largest campus, to teach in the Discipleship Bible School. This is a second level school combining the overview of the entire Bible, with the specific theme of discipleship. I have a large teaching task for the week, but the GREAT news is that the whole family is coming along! By using airline certificates, mileage tickets, and one paid ticket, we can all stay for some vacation together. Our friends are letting us stay in their condo while they are gone, as well as use their car. God is good. His goodness working through the generosity and consideration of others is giving us a great wonderful time with friends, and family. Needless to say that our kids are soooo excited!
At the end of June, our leadership school DTS Equip will begin for the summer; back to the grind!
Thanks for following along and being part of making a difference.
Jeremy and Molly

Fruit from Cambodia, Dec 2015 December 15, 2015

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On my way back from Cambodia.  …Such a worthwhile and fruitful trip.

It was a joy on two fronts. Firstly the opportunity to teach and encourage the new generation of disciplers.  I taught on effective discipleship skills, strategic discipleship for the long term, and core spiritual identity.

IMAG0130-001Secondly, encouraging the old friends who have been working for a long time there.  They are taking significant ground, but you don’t always see the victories across the landscape when you are fighting day to day in the trenches.  Even the long-termers – the leaders of the others – need encouragement too (who lifts their arms up?).  It was such a privilege to be able to meet with people, acknowledge their work and lives, and say so many times to so many people, “We are so proud of you.”

The ministry here in Battambang is almost 10 years old. It is hard to comprehend all of the victories achieved, souls saved, difficulties faced, and even the seemingly endless vision that the people here keep producing.  Among many others, we are very privileged and proud “spiritual parents”.

I believe we are beginning to see long-awaited (and hard-fought) fruit emerge: the shift from being a people who see themselves as poor Christians, survivors and recipients only, to people who are now becoming a training and sending nation, walking in their individual and cultural calling.  I saw a body of Christians who are talking steps in their God-given calling as trainers, contributors and senders.  Not just surviving day to day; the sense of a nation crippled under a poverty mentality and the brutality of the past feels like it is slipping.  The believers here are standing up, and going out.

Part of that is the formation of the upcoming ASEAN DTS, combining DTS’s from 8 nations in the region, for the region.  What I witnessed up close was a group of young leaders, dedicated to applying the Word to themselves, because they see their role in changing an entire nation within their generation, as well as influencing the nations around them.  It was absolutely amazing to stand there with them, to help draw out the leadership, vision and discipleship within them.

Coming up in the next blog:

In January I will share possibly the greatest highlight of the trip. Stay tuned, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT.  This event impacted me deeply, but the story actually started 20 years ago!  I only saw the results last week.

People often ask us, “what do we do?”  Over the next few months we want to highlight a few people we have helped train and got to know over the years who are making a tangible and eternal difference.  I think that these people have been among the most important “work” we have been involved with.  As Paul says, You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” (2 Cor 3:3)

Justin and GarthJustin and Garth.  Dear friends – and their families – who have been part of our lives since the early Kona days.

IMAG0159-001Yuka and Deem: met them in Cambodia, now heading toward Laos.

IMAG0131-001Elizabeth, or “Izzy”.  She was a student in our 2008 DTS in Montana.

IMAG0162-001Mala and Kirsten.

IMAG0160-001Kellee and Molly.

What a way to end the year – so blessed.  That is a glimpse of Cambodia December 2015, and some of the upcoming stories on our blog for 2016.

Love and blessings this Christmas season.  He is the reason we all do this!




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