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March 2023 Update: Australia is great, but not the news. March 29, 2023

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March 2023 – Update from the Westside

Hello dear friends, family and followers.

A lot has transpired since our last update. The usual schedule of family and ministry keeps us on our toes and involved in many lives and locations around the globe.

From a ministry perspective, we have graduated another Discipleship school, sent another on outreach, and are preparing for a solid season of leadership development and staff training. Our Fall DTS returned in February and was one of the most outstanding reports we have had. Multiple miracles, salvations, students finding calling. The teams in Thailand and Cambodia served selflessly and saw Jesus move through them in amazing ways. The Winter DTS have just left for Taiwan and Cambodia full of promise for the same.

On the family side of life, we have had a season of ups and downs. On the “Ups”, Samuel is currently in the middle of a 9-month school at YWAM’s UofN Kona.  This is a series of schools (Discipleship Bible School, Worldview School, and Communications School) followed by a month outreach in Uganda. He is loving it and thriving.  He has also met a very special young lady with similar goals and vision for missions😊. Joel is attending college here in Kalispell, and while he doesn’t “love” all of his subjects, he is moving forward with his degree study in order to use his time well. He is a man who is gifted with wisdom and a great sense of justice. Eden is in 9th grade and crushing it. Volleyball is one of her favorite things to do, but one of our least favorite driving commitments all over the state! 😉

On the “Down” side, my dear mum just passed away this month. Mum had been plagued with health problems for many years, even decades. Yet she always battled on with great spirits and greater determination. I had arranged a trip down there to see her in late March as it has been several years since we have been together in person. In February we received word that mum was in hospital again and not doing very well. I immediately moved my trip forward; I am so glad that I did. Arriving on a Tuesday I had 4 days with mum before she passed away on Saturday March 4th. Molly joined me and along with my other siblings and family were able to lovingly arrange her celebration of life the following weekend.

Mum was a truly remarkable woman. Loving wife and mother, dear friend and confidant to many, and a powerful minister of the Gospel to thousands over the years. She was a General in the Kingdom of God, and as was mentioned in her eulogy, “she was loved in heaven, and feared in hell”. We will miss her greatly. It is the end of an era for our family, as well as many who knew and walked with her in Australia.  So grateful for her life, and so grateful for the hope we have in Jesus. She was ready to go and be with her Lord; the entire hospital ward knew that! One of those people in our lives who inspires us to be more true, more available, more active, and more grateful.

Love to you all!

Jeremy, Molly, and Family.

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3 Responses to “March 2023 Update: Australia is great, but not the news.”

  1. ninjagm Says:

    Love your newsletter and so special about your mother. See you in July. Love, Donna

  2. Bev Efinger Says:

    We always enjoy your updates and all that God is doing through you ! We were so sorry to hear of your Mom’s passing ! We met your Mom and Dad in Kona several years ago and enjoyed that we had the same name as well as our mutual love for Jesus ! Thanks for all you do ! Bill and Bev


  3. smileugotjesus4@aol.com Says:

    Dear Jeremy and Molly, I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Jeremy’s mom. Sounds like she was an incredible person. It’s so special to have a family heritage like that and from what I hear of your children, sounds like you have done a great job in passing that onto them. Love you all so much! Izzy

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