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A quick hello on the road… September 23, 2022

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September News from the Westside September 18, 2022

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Hello from Lakeside Montana! 

Fall is here, and while we are having some glorious late summer September days, they are beginning to give way to cooler temperatures. Up here we have a very short Fall. It won’t be long before we see snow on our mountains. 

Summer has been wonderful, and a blur. In Montana the joke is that we have only two seasons: “winter, and visitors”. We had the joy of hosting friends and family from around the world. Over one particular two-week period we had 7 nieces, nephews and friends from Australia, Hawaii, and Canada all together. Such fun. 

On the work side, no letting up. In our discipleship programs, we pioneered a second DTS here in Montana, while continuing with our other two programs already in place. Our campus also hosted training and gathering seminars, to which people came from a variety of places and organizations. Some of our favorites were the Engage with Bible Translation, and Ending Bible Poverty Now, seminars. These drew over 100 representatives from various ministries and organizations, including YWAM, Wycliffe, SIL, and others. 

The kids are getting older! Eden has entered 9th grade and is driving! Joel started College here in Kalispell, and Samuel is in Kona, Hawaii beginning 10-months of extended missions training. All the kids worked jobs though the whole summer. 

This next season will be packed. Aside from Samuel in Kona, and Joel attending college, our big news is that Cambodia is now reopening after Covid in a way that allows internationals to travel there. This means that after 3 years we are going to reopen our Equip, leadership school there. This school has produced so much fruit in the region over the last 12 years. I (Jeremy) have committed to helping them get that up and running again. On Sept 23 I will be traveling there for 2 weeks, then again on Oct 23 for another 2 weeks. 

The best part is that Molly and Eden (and a school friend of hers!) will be accompanying me. Molly is die-hard for Cambodia and foreign ministry. She will be teaching in Equip and also in other groups. She has arranged for the girls to plug into a variety of ministries such as: serving in the elementary school, offering baking classes to younger girls, giving devo’s on being a godly teenager, evangelism in villages, serving at a children-at-risk home, serving in the campus kitchen, outdoor work projects, babysitting for missionary moms, and more. 

Thanks for reading, and for staying in touch! 

Much love,

Jeremy, Molly, Eden, Joel and Samuel. 


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