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Jeremy’s Update Nov-Dec: Australia, Montana, Maui. December 12, 2017

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Hi everyone.

Quite a bit has been happening on the work side from here, and because I always feel like so many of you travel with me, I want to share the latest events with “the team”.

At the end of October I traveled (solo) to Australia. It had been well over 7 years since I was last in Australia; too long.  It was a very fruitful time of reconnecting with friends, churches, and of course family.  While I have seen most of my family at some time over the years, there were a few I hadn’t.  It was so needed, and so special to connect again.

I spent several days in Sydney with my mum and sister and friends, then a few days further south with my brother and his family and other friends.  From there I flew up to Brisbane for several days with another brother (the one I haven’t seen since 2010).  He had moved there since I had last been Down Under.  It was such a great time of relaxing, some sight-seeing, family time, and fun.  Not to mention stocking up on Aussie items unavailable in Montana!  Only the essentials, like Vegemite.

After my return to Montana early November I immediately re-entered into discipleship teaching, speaking in the DTS here in Montana on the “Fear of the Lord”.

This was a really great week with a very impressive school. These students were so willing to learn; responding so admirably to some very “loving yet challenging” truth about discipleship, our response to God and our ongoing relationship with Him.  It can be challenging at times, but also so rewarding and enjoyable.

Finally, early December I flew out to another DTS, this one is Maui.

More of a last-minute invitation, they asked me to come in their final lecture week (of 12) before they head into outreach in Asia.  Again, I was struck by their commitment, focus and passion in their final week of class.  This is usually a time of distraction and tiredness as they prepare to head out on an unimaginable and exciting cross-cultural experience.  But I was amazed at their determination to get every second out of every class.

Back in Montana, and the cold, I’m home and moving into Christmas!  (see some more pics below).  Merry Christmas!!!



Montana DTS


Maui DTS


Crossing the street, Maui


Jeremy in Vladivostok, Russia December 6, 2013

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Where is that exactly you may wonder?

It is on the Pacific Coast of Russia, just above

North Korea.


He has not traveled there, however he is spending a week with them on Skype…gotta love Skype.

Of course, being physically present is the best, but second best is video conferencing.  He will be teaching on the Cost of Discipleship to a Discipleship Training School (DTS), translated over Skype into Russian.  What a privilege and honor.

Please pray for wisdom on what content to keep in and what to leave out, as translation lengthens the time significantly.

Also please pray for connection in a meaningful way, despite the electronic medium.

Speaking of Russia…it’s cold here too


It is SIX degrees Fahrenheit today, and we can’t be outside for more than a few minutes with temperatures like these.  (Eden built that snowman a couple weeks ago when it was around 30; I just included it because it’s cute.)

I mention this because it is actually affecting the speed of our internet, and we need it to be running at full capacity for the Skype connection to be strong – so that is a prayer point too.

Additionally, we want to cut down our Christmas tree tomorrow (family tradition is to go up the mountain with friends, cocoa, and treats and cut one down) but there is no way we can do it in these temperatures!

We love all you readers =) and are grateful for your encouragement and friendship.


Short Report from Vietnam May 14, 2013

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IMAG0584Hello everyone!

I wanted to write while I had decent internet access.  As many of you know I arrived here in Vietnam last week for two weeks of teaching in the undrgnd’ chrch and YW’ (spelling deliberately incorrect!).  Even though being away from home for 2 weeks is a stretch for me, it is an absolute privilege.  The saints here are worth it; they are my heroes.  Yet, they are so grateful for the short time and meager offerings that people like myself can bring them.  When they heard I paid for myself to come all the way from America to them for a short time, and especially just for Vietnam (not a stop off on another trip) they seemed amazed (I was actually a little shocked at this).  They are worth it.  They work tirelessly with little support, yet risk so much from the authorities (imprisonment), family (rejection), and even some of the state churches here (undgrnd chrch can be seen as “competition”).

I was asked to come and teach on the Hly Sprt.  They simply don’t get teaching here on whom He is, His function, role and relationship with the believer; it’s amazing.  Gd is real and Gd is faithful and He is eagerly meeting with his people over here.  I personally believe that a new awakening is about to happen here in Vietnam.  There is a groundswell in the undrgrnd chrch and a critical mass is about to be reached.  It feels to me much the same as Cambodia 10 years ago.

IMAG0580I have included two photos: one in Ho Chi Minh City in the school I was teaching there, and another from today in a different city (name withheld).  Security for the believers in non-approved religions is always an issue, and I know that several of the people I have worked with have been arrested in the past.  So, they cover up as much of my “white-ness” as possible, then take me to the meeting place.  While there I stay inside and away from windows, and then they shuttle me back to my hotel afterwards (I’m the one on the back!).  Fun times. We might think that it’s hard to live like that, but in a strange way we should be jealous of these people: Gd loves to break-through in the persecuted church, and the revelation, passion and zeal they have is something to aspire to.

IMAG0585Blessings to you all,



God is on the move.. March 20, 2012

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Greetings Friends!

It has been a busy and fruitful beginning to 2012!  We are so privileged to serve the King of all Kings and to be part of the gospel reaching the ends of the earth!

Recently, the Montana DTS had amazing outreaches to Thailand, India, and Malaysia.

Malaysia highlight – Our team of young people found themselves staying in a red light district area.  So they began reaching out to the sexually broken and drug addicts.  The team made a couple key discoveries as they entered this challenging atmosphere.  1.  Don’t dress nice, dress like a traveler (sorta hippy) and they will be more open!  2.  Invite them out for a meal – food is a way to their hearts!  These discoveries led to times of prayer and sharing the very good news of Jesus!  The team was able to share these keys (dress like a hippy and feed them) with some local Malay Christians who have since carried on evangelism and discipelship in that area!

India – Our DTS team prayed for the sick and they were healed!  These signs and wonders led to commitments to follow Christ!  Check out an amazing youtube clip this team made while in India at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufamfjvyoVM   You don’t want to miss it!

Thailand -The harvest is ripe!  This team experienced God’s favor, bringing hundreds of people to concerts they were giving and being able to share about Jesus from the stage as well as one on one to countless young Thais!  One of the leaders, a friend, said it was particularly difficult to bring the team home.  She just wanted to stay!  Being a part of turning someone’s eternal destiny heavenward is a pretty rewarding job =)

We love being a part of equipping these DTS staff for leadership, and the impact they have in the nations.  We have been able to teach/train here in MT with the DTS and Dance school, as well as Cimarron and Colorado Springs in Colorado with the DTS and School of Biblical Studies staff.  We also participated in the International DTS Centre meetings in England, which boosted our faith and reminded us of the importance of our work.

Next week we begin “The Multiplier”. This is a version of our 6-week leadership school, DTS Equip, created for advanced trainers and leaders so that they can be equipped to plant the program in their regions. A small group of trainers is coming specifically to  take it to… Ukraine & the Caribbean!  We are so thankful that God is raising up trainers to strengthen discipleship in the nations! This year alone we are running 3 DTS Equip leadership programs: the Multiplier, DTS Equip in Montana in June, and then again in Cambodia in September.  (PS. Plans are emerging for even more leadership development in other nations in 2013, but more about that later!)


God moving in Cambodia – a short blurb February 4, 2011

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So, Cambodia DTS Equip came, progressed quickly, and now seems so far in my memory. Life travels too quickly.

I recently received this email from my Khmer co-leader, Dina, and his new bride Malis. Forgive the written “Cambo-English”, but because he is such a good verbal communicator, I know exactly what he is saying! (I have taken the liberty of adjusting some of the really bad grammatical and spelling errors!). It’s short, but powerful and refreshing. The work goes forward in Cambodia!



Dear Friend.

How are you doing? Hope you doing good. Yesterday I just return back from the village with DTS team from Sweden. My leg muscle was hurt, the team pray for me, then I got heal after two hour when I translate for their teaching,  praise God.

The church in village kind of dry-out, people not excited about God, but during these 5 day, God has use the team to encourage the church and preach the gospel to the unbelievers. We see the church was encourage by that, and just bring them excitement back.

One story:

There is one family the wife was processing (possessed) by evil spirite , they using all their money and what they have try to get free from evil spirit by going to the witch doctor but it not help, they feel hopeless. When the team come team tell them God love, and want to heal her so they fast and prayer for her, Praise God now she free  and the whole family gave their live to the Lord,Amen

Thank you for being a part of this week with us in Cambodia and praying for us

In his love, Dina & Malis

Cambodia team ministry

More village ministry


DTS Team in Kolkata – 2 July 16, 2010

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Hello! below is another update from the team in Kolkata. It came through several days ago, but it’s still powerful, interesting, and relevant. Bear this in mind: Rachel has been to India multiple times, and has worked in Kolkata, and the Mother Theresa Home, multiple times. She isn’t a stranger to suffering.  Lord, bless these teams!  (For something a little less profound perhaps, keep an eye out for a new page on our site, one that carries several of our DTS equip leadership lectures, as well as various teachings and lectures from me (Jeremy).  Coming very soon…)

Greetings from Kolkata!

Last Tuesday at the Prem Dan Mother Teresa home, I was met face to face with human suffering like I have never before seen. I was deeply impacted. I did not know how to handle it.  As a teammate and I took care of a sick and elderly woman, my heart broke. Jesus spoke to me and reminded me of something I’d read in the Bible that morning: that He is a man of sorrows, familiar with suffering (Isaiah 53). This woman was suffering so much. I could see it, but I couldn’t fix it. But Jesus understood her. He knew what she was going through. I was deeply affected that day.

As we left the Mother Teresa home, I was in tears. I remembered John 11 and how Jesus wept when he was with Mary and Martha soon after the death of Lazarus. God spoke to my heart again: as you responded to the woman’s suffering, so I respond to the suffering of my children. I saw God’s heart in a new way: and saw how much He truly loves people and is moved by suffering. He doesn’t stand idly by…He cares! Our team is learning to respond to God as He shows us His heart for the people around us, and I am learning to be His friend and walk with Him in daily life here. God is giving me more of His heart for the lost, and I so desire to see the people of Kolkata come to Him.

Speaking of people coming to Jesus…on Sunday evening we worked with a rickshaw puller ministry (for men who pull rickshaws in Kolkata–the handcarts, like in the movie, City of Joy)…and 9 men showed up. We did a program for them and shared the gospel. All 9 of them were interested in the gospel (they came from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds), and for sure 5 of them gave their lives to Jesus! Please pray for these 5 men as they work so hard day after day: that God will work in their lives as they learn to follow Him, and that they will go to the new believer classes that the rickshaw puller ministry offers!

We have just 3 more full days in Kolkata, before we begin our journey to northwest Nepal. Please pray for us as we have some debriefing time tomorrow afternoon/evening (Friday) and think/talk about and process what God did these past 3 weeks in Kolkata.

Thanks!   Rachel.


Day by Day with a DTS Outreach Team: Report from Kolkata July 14, 2010

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Hello everyone. Below I have attached an outreach report from one of the DTS teams that we have on outreach. We staffed this school, but while they went on outreach, we prepared for (and are currently running) DTS Equip. We receive reports from the teams, so we thought we’d post a few every now and then for you to see what’s going on out there.

Below is a simple report from a typical ministry day, concluding with a very satisfying  …’beginning’.

Hello from Kolkata, India!

Last night we were having “team time” and a random guy (also staying at our Kolkata guest house) came into our room. His name is Jensen, and he is from the USA, and is volunteering at a Mother Teresa home. The door to our room was open, and he walked in. He thought we were just some people hanging out, and he wanted to hang out with people. He had brought his dinner and sat with us. I thought it was odd that he was there, but we invited him to stay for our team time. We had our Bible meditation/devotion, our worship time, and paired up and prayed for each other as we had just finished our first full week with two particular ministries. Jensen sat there and took it all in.

Afterward this, Mark, one of the students on our team, prompted by the Holy Spirit, went and sat next to Jensen and started talking with him. Mark shared the gospel with Jensen and kept talking about Jesus. Jensen came from a Catholic background/school, but did not know that Jesus died for all sin…and at the end of the conversation, Jensen accepted Jesus! So we are starting to see some fruit…we’ve been sowing seeds all week, working with two street children ministries, and then God gives us the opportunity to reach out to Jensen, and he accepts Jesus! We are excited to see one person get saved! Like the verse says: there is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous people who do not need to repent. We are rejoicing, and we invite you to rejoice with us!

Please pray for Jensen as he is in Kolkata for 4 more weeks. We want to continue to build friendship with him, and for God to continue to work in his life. May God be glorified!

Rachel, for the India/Nepal outreach team


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