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God moving in Cambodia – a short blurb February 4, 2011

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So, Cambodia DTS Equip came, progressed quickly, and now seems so far in my memory. Life travels too quickly.

I recently received this email from my Khmer co-leader, Dina, and his new bride Malis. Forgive the written “Cambo-English”, but because he is such a good verbal communicator, I know exactly what he is saying! (I have taken the liberty of adjusting some of the really bad grammatical and spelling errors!). It’s short, but powerful and refreshing. The work goes forward in Cambodia!



Dear Friend.

How are you doing? Hope you doing good. Yesterday I just return back from the village with DTS team from Sweden. My leg muscle was hurt, the team pray for me, then I got heal after two hour when I translate for their teaching,  praise God.

The church in village kind of dry-out, people not excited about God, but during these 5 day, God has use the team to encourage the church and preach the gospel to the unbelievers. We see the church was encourage by that, and just bring them excitement back.

One story:

There is one family the wife was processing (possessed) by evil spirite , they using all their money and what they have try to get free from evil spirit by going to the witch doctor but it not help, they feel hopeless. When the team come team tell them God love, and want to heal her so they fast and prayer for her, Praise God now she free  and the whole family gave their live to the Lord,Amen

Thank you for being a part of this week with us in Cambodia and praying for us

In his love, Dina & Malis

Cambodia team ministry

More village ministry


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