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Equipping Disciple-Makers May 16, 2017

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Hi everyone.

Wanted to give you all a quick update from the “DTS Equip” Leadership school we just ran here in Montana, USA. We just finished 6-weeks of wonderful, challenging, growth.  25 participants from various nations, Taiwan to Ireland, USA to Ukraine, and even two from Quebec, Canada, eh!
Thank you especially to those who prayed for us.  It was an excellent group – growing individually, and as a group, and blessing the local community during outreaches, also.  One of the repeatedly heard reports among the group was the surprising amount of growth in personal discipleship and identity first, and then leadership development that was layered on top of that.  Not only were they effectively equipped to lead and train others, but were deeply impacted personally too.  Such a joy to be with serious disciples, and disciple-makers.
A couple of fun pics below, a school photo, and one of our outreach days, for Mother’s Day for kids and mums at a local restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A.  We had a great time helping, playing with, and praying for kids and mums.
The next two Equips are in:
“Eastern Europe Equip” in Ukraine, serving Eastern Europe, June 26-Aug 4. And,
“Pacific Equip” in Kona for the Pacific, July 6-Aug 18.
As I am leading the Pacific Equip, The West fam will be in Kona for that school.
Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, support, input in our lives and of course into your own mission-fields of work, life, and family.
Blessings upon YOU!

Cambodia Hatrick September 26, 2016

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Hi everyone.

Seriously? This is the only helmet you have...?

Seriously? This is the only helmet you have?

Three times in 10 months must be a new record for me working in Cambodia.  I am sitting at Incheon airport in Korea waiting for my flt back the USA, coming from a very full 10 days in Battambang, Cambodia. This is my third trip here in 10 months.  Each one worth every moment.  December was staff training for an upcoming giant collaborative DTS, April was teaching in that “ASEAN” DTS, and this trip was running the leadership school, “DTS Equip” for many of those staff and leaders in the region.

The 2016 ASEAN+ DTS Equip (faces blurred for security)

The 2016 ASEAN+ DTS Equip (faces blurred for security)

A week ago we kicked off the 4th ASEAN+ DTSEquip (referring to the ASEAN alliance among Sth East Asian nations) in Cambodia.   This is our 18th Equip program run since 2007, across 4 global regions.  This particular school has 23 participants and 6 staff from Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, New Zealand, USA and Canada.  A wonderful group of YWAM staff and school leaders from the nations, going back out there to evangelize, disciple, and then disciple others.  My teaching covered an array of topics cornerstone to effective Christian leadership and discipleship: identity in Christ, personal discipleship, leadership thinking, long-term discipleship, self leadership, and spiritual authority.

Some personal highlights for me:

  • Seeing those I have worked with for years since their beginnings in Christian discipleship now walking in maturity and leading others.
  • Seeing old friends. Faithful people who are giving everything to be (and raise their families) on the front lines of missions.  One of them is the Equip school leader: a young lady from Washington. We led her DTS, taking her to Cambodia for outreach. She has been living there for 6 years since and is now leading the DTS Equip for the region.
  • Working with people who have come out of closed nations to take the training so they can do even more effective work in their own lands (Myanmar, Vietnam).  Their courage and determination is both empowering and convicting.
  • Seeing the nation of Cambodia develop.  This is not always encouraging, but in general things are improving, and the church is making an impact in various areas of society.
  • Coming home to my own family  🙂
The boys from Vietnam!

The boys from Vietnam!

Myanmar represent!

Myanmar represent!

Classroom at 110 degrees

Classroom at 110 degrees











Equipping: Montana, Sth East Asia, and a short video. August 29, 2016

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Hello partners, friends and family!Wests (2)-001

With September approaching we have just completed one assignment and about to embark on another.
Montana 2016: 18th DTS Equip completed!
DTS Equip is the leadership and staff development school we created many years ago.  We recently completed another DTS Equip here in Montana, USA.  Amazingly, I think this was the 18th DTS Equip run worldwide (and the year is’t over yet!).  We had 22 participants including a couple of people who were refused visas last year.  People came from/working in…  Thailand, Russia, Nth Africa, Spain, UK, N.Z., Canada, and of course the USA.
This Equip was also exciting as we had two new school leaders co-lead the DTS Equip; a dream coming true.
ASEAN+ DTS Equip about to launch
Next month the ASEAN+ DTS Equip kicks off in Cambodia. We are feverishly preparing for that, and as of right now, we have 22 participants preparing to come from Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, USA, NZ, and Canada.  Please keep this school in your prayers.  Many of these people are making long difficult trips and finances are a real challenge.
Bless you ALL for following us, supporting the work, and encouraging us along the way.  As a final encouragement to YOU, watch this short clip:   …So God created the missionary “
This is why we do what we do.  Whether you have served with YWAM or not, anyone who sees themselves as a “sent one”, or works toward sending people, is advancing the Kingdom of God.  We can ALL be missionaries!
Jeremy and Molly

Equipping November 3, 2015

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molly eden pumpkins

      Hello Friends!

We hope you have been enjoying the change in season, regardless of where you are. Here in Montana, fall has officially arrived, and in true north-west fashion, is almost gone; winter is hard on its heels!   Read on for some short updates from various parts of our lives and ministry.


2015: I recently received two encouraging emails from participants of our last leadership school (DTS Equip) for trainers, evangelists and disciplers from various parts of the world.  It’s good to know the work is hitting the mark.  They write,

“I honestly can’t say enough about you or DTS equip so I’m hoping we have more guys out there next year.” (Pacific)

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for equip… I have been processing all of equip lately going through my notes and listening to the audios from lecture. I am so thankful; the school taught me so much!” (Eastern USA)

2016: Next year will be another year of empowering leaders and bolstering discipleship training and evangelism across the globe. We have Equips planned for 3 global regions:  Armenia (for Eastern Europe and Russia), Cambodia (for South East Asia), and in Montana, USA (for the Americas).

On the Scout trail

 Joel on the Scout trail


Samuel with friends


Summer included Mum West visiting us for an extended time. She was able to have 2 great months of relaxation, input into our family, grandkid-time and of course the opportunity to mother me around!  It was wonderful and we look forward to the next visit.

The family keeps us on our toes! Eden just turned 8, the boys are well into 6th and 8th grades, basketball, Scouts, friends and who-knows-what-else, keeps us “active”.

International training

Focused leader development

In December I head out to Cambodia to train DTS staff for an upcoming 8-nation DTS.  It is a collaborative DTS focusing on Asia and the opening of “ASEAN“, becoming a truly border-less region.  This “ASEAN DTS” consists of DTSs from 8 nations (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, and USA (Kona).

News from teams in the field:

Here is an excerpt from a DTS team on outreach in Taiwan right now.  This is a specialized DTS focusing on the outdoor industry and backpacking culture.

“Currently, we are in Xsinchu  serving at ‘Rock Climbing Church’.

This church was started by a pastor and his family who had the idea 20 years ago to reach out to the aboriginal people (Hakka tribe) through outdoor activities. He hosts a kids summer camp where he uses rock climbing, biking, river trekking, along with other outdoor skills to share Jesus. “

Thank you for following us, and for all of your involvement in making practical missions happen in the world today. Lives are being changed, a generation is being affected, and good work is getting done!  To Know God and Make Him Known, Together!

Jeremy & Molly


Summer 2015 (and a peak into 2016) August 29, 2015

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Hello everyone.

Too long since our last update!  One reason was the extreme schedule of our summer: running schools, kids on break, YWAM celebrations, and visiting relatives.  Good times.

We have just completed another Equip leadership training program here in Montana. That makes it 16 since 2007, on four continents.  This last school hosted 19 participants and 6 staff from various parts of the world.  It was a true privilege to serve these people who are committed to evangelism, discipleship, and Godly leadership in locations such as Taiwan, the Pacific, North America, Mexico, and Europe.

Angelina Ascala-001

Two such participants were Angelina (Taiwan), and Ascala (England).  Among others, they are committed to working with YWAM Taiwan to reach the Taiwanese and other Chinese speakers.  For security reasons, more can’t be said right now, but we are proud of them and look forward to potentially working together again in the future.

Sam Cambo flag

Samuel carries the Cambodia flag at YWAM Montana’s 30th celebrations

Currently we are enjoying the end of our summer here.  The YWAM ministry here in Lakeside Montana celebrated it’s 30th anniversary!  Hundreds of people–staff and students sent out from here over the years–came from all over the world to join in and reunite.  A special blessing for us, Jeremy’s mum and sister also arrived in time to take part.  While Liz needs to return to Australia soon, Mum is staying on into October giving us all a great time of family reunion and fellowship (especially with the grand kids!).

2016 is looking like one of the fullest years since being in Montana.  Family-wise, the kids are in full-swing with school: Samuel will be in 8th grade, Joel in 6th grade and Eden in 2nd!  Time flies.  Ministry-wise, we could potentially be running 4 Equip training programs next year.  We are scheduled to run Equips in Montana, Ukraine, and Cambodia, with the possibility of another one emerging.  On top of this are the teaching invitations Jeremy is receiving.  We need wisdom to decide which ones to invest in.


Thanks to everyone who stays in touch over the distance, prays, and supports us in various ways.  It’s a joy having such a great team.

Until the next blog…

The Wests!

Jeremy, Molly, Samuel, Joel, Eden (& Boomer)






Greetings from Cambodia: Sept 3 Update September 6, 2014

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Greetings from Cambodia!

This year is going so quickly.  In the past month we have wrapped up the Montana DTS Equip leadership training school, the following week I was in Mexico conducting leadership training for a group of YWAM school leaders, trainers and staff (by the way, the Eastern European DTS Equip in Ukraine just finished their second school, too).  The Mexico trip was special to me; it was the first time I was able to take one of my kids, Joel, along with me.  Just him and me, it was a fun and special time.  A week later we were back in Montana and preparing to move house.  On August 23rd the Wests changed address!  As many of you know it has been a busy, but exciting year as we built our new home.  So many God-stories are to be told, all accumulating to make-up the blessing and miracle of our first new home!  We are already using our guest room for hospitality, receiving family and friends the first weekend after we moved in.


As our friends were arriving, I was off again—this time to Cambodia—from where I am writing now.  I am here helping to kick off the third South-East Asian DTS Equip, running in Battambang, Cambodia.  This is first time we have not brought our whole family here for the two-month program.  Our roots and our relationships here are deep, so not coming as a family is something of a disappointment for us.  As hard as it is for our family in Cambodia at times, the kids still wanted to come!  But our intention has always been to pioneer it, empower others, and hand it off.

IMG_20140904_123818We have always wanted to develop regional leaders to facilitate this program who can take it to places we can’t.  So it is an answer to prayer, but it’s also hard transferring something that you have worked so hard for to other leadership; even if you pick the leadership team!  It has, in fact been a great joy.  The leadership team we put together is diverse, complimentary and committed.  This is an exciting time, but also a little tenuous.  Please join with us in prayer to support these leaders who are attempting to take this school to the next level; they are already experiencing some obstacles, but I am confident of their abilities, faithfulness, and of course the Lord’s empowerment, both practical and spiritual.  This school has 16 diverse participants, representing 7 nationalities (Costa Rica, New Zealand, Cambodia, USA, Canada, Sth Africa, Vietnam).  Collectively they represent ministries in the Philippines, Thailand, USA, and Cambodia.


Handing off the school was a step of faith.  But now, with a house that was completed late, with rooms still full of boxes, the kids entering higher grades at school, and an overly packed year behind us, we see God’s wisdom.  I will continue to oversee the DTS Equip programs internationally, teaching, training and supporting, but my direct leadership of each school is on a deliberate decrease as I develop and release others into that role.

IMG_9554As always, we are so grateful for your partnership and support.  You are sharing the work and you will also share in the inheritance.  Thanks.

Jeremy.  Cambodia, September 2014.



Equipping in Ukraine, and my new friend Sergie July 18, 2014

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Hello out there!

I just finished the first week of the Eastern European DTS Equip here in Ternopil, Ukraine.  This is a great group indeed.  A very solid feeling of being unified and focused, and just amazing as the Spirit is so evident in their lives, calling, and every one of our classes.  It was such a privilege to be here.
As you know this is a leadership and staff training school.  Those in the classroom represent several nations and ministries; Ukraine, Georgia, Finland, Russia, and the USA.  The current political [regional] climate here is unstable, yet they are moving forward “business as usual”.  Unfortunately some participants were turned back at the border, or unable to come due to the tensions and fighting.  As we can see from recent news, the fighting is real, and in so many cases, the injustice indiscriminate.  This has the potential to affect multiple ministries (and all who work in them) in many nations over here, especially Russia, Ukraine, and the other Eastern European nations.
A character snapshot…
One guy over here I connected with is called Sergei.  He is a Ukrainian-born American, from New York.  At 23 with an engineering degree, he is now moving here to live and work among orphans.  Why orphans?  Because, as he says, “God told me, ‘Sergei you will be working with orphans'”.
When he told me this he didn’t mention that he was an orphan himself.  In fact, he doesn’t talk about it unnecessarily or volunteer it at random.  This is what amazed me so much about Sergei.  He is such a great guy, so relaxed and gentle, so balanced, you would never guess the horrific first 9 years of his life.  In Ukraine, his father was an alcoholic and his mother a prostitute.  Sergei had been through 4 orphanages, at each one being tortured as part of a covered-up child medical experimentation program.  Despite the  cruel punishment and treatment, he is literally a walking testimony, amazingly alive today.
Finally, at the age of 9, he was adopted by an American couple while at an orphanage in Kiev; they also found and adopted his 3 siblings from 3 other separate orphanages around the country, simultaneously!  (This amazing couple are pastors in NY and have also started “Justice for Orphans”).  Most of his family have been in missions, as well as Sergei today.  But it hasn’t come easily for him.
Troubled years followed as he grew, and more than a decade of nightmares began taking their toll.  Less than 3 years ago Sergei came to the end of himself, and while considering suicide to stem the pain from repeat nightmares, other trauma, and other pressures of life, God literally spoke to him: “Sergei, don’t do it.  I really love you.  You are going to work with orphans”.  God began an even deeper work in Sergei that night.  The years of sowing into him by his family, and his own devotion to Christ have brought him to the place he is today.  He has even traveled back to Kiev to these orphanages to walk out the process of forgiveness (today it is a legitimate orphanage).
Sergei is here being trained for further discipleship and leadership, and to work as YWAM staff with a ministry that focuses primarily on orphans in Ukraine.  He is a living, if young, Moses who has come back to Egypt.  Meeting people like this is an unbelievable joy, encouragement, and challenge.  Thank you to our support team who makes it possible to invest in and help launch people like this.
Now, it’s time to make my way back to my family in the USA and to our own DTS Equip in Montana, where our staff are finishing up week-3 without me.  Three more weeks with them and then off to Mexico to run a leadership development week for leaders and disciplers from several different YWAM ministries and schools.
Blessings to you all, and thanks for following!

To Seek and Save the Lost July 13, 2014

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Equip is up and running in Ukraine for the second time. Given all the recent unrest, we were unsure if the course would even run, but it is!

And Jeremy is there teaching this week!

We would appreciate your prayer – that all the participants receive the encouragement, revelation, and training that God has for them! What a privilege it is to be part of the Gospel going forward in Eastern Europe and Russia. Go God!

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost”
Luke 19:10


June on the Westside June 21, 2014

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Dear Ministry Partners,

It’s time for an update of facts and photos.

Below you will find our current ministry and family happenings. Prepare to be encouraged!


May – Our Montana Leadership teams decided to include Cambodia as a “target nation” (a nation or people group that we strategically focus our resources and efforts toward), along with the 5 we already have (India, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine).  We have personally served in all these nations and it is our JOY to have the whole campus taking on Cambodia!

    khmer boyTextjeremy cuong

June thru’ October – Jeremy has been asked to develop and run a leadership training series (called “CORE”) at our local church.  Our Pastor is asking everyone serving in any leadership capacity to attend.  This allows Jeremy to serve in the church in his area of gifting: discipleship and leadership training.

CORE Theology | CORE Identity | CORE Action

CORE Theology | CORE Identity | CORE Action


June Thru October  – 3 EQUIP Programs in 3 regions

equip header

1. Another Equip (leadership training program) starts here in Lakeside in 10 days!
2. Equip in Ukraine, starts in July.  Despite the civil unrest, training, evangelism and discipleship continue.
3. Equip in Cambodia, starts in September.  This will be the third Equip run in Cambodia.

Family snippets:

samuel guitar

Samuel just finished 6th grade and is into guitar and shooting hoops

joel scout

Joel just finished 4th grade is an active cub scout, and loves his Wii games

eden ballet

Eden just finished Kindergarten, is doing so well at ballet, and loves her Lego
















House Update:

Jeremy & I will celebrate our anniversary this Saturday the 21st , so we decided to get a new house to celebrate  😉  Here is a house update.

2014-06-07 15.03.59

photo (1)

2014-06-07 15.05.14










We are now in the “finishing” stage and should be moving in the week of July 14! The fighting for the toilet will soon come to an end!  Thanks to all of you who have given in time, and sponsoring portions of the project.  Your gifts are making it happen!  Interestingly, when our family moves in, we will immediately have guests in the guest room too!  Awesome.

CURRENT NEEDS:  As the project finishes up…so does the funding…If God would lead you to give towards items not yet covered….we would be grateful!

  1. Carpet (bonus room): We have $5560; still need $1260
  2. Lighting: projected need of $1500
  3. Closet hardware: This one caught us by surprise $1500
  4. Bathroom accessories: $500
  5. Grass, soil and seed: An unexpected need. We have $1200; still need $800 more to be sown  🙂

As you know, the whole project is a God story and we continue to put our trust in Him! As we are working hard on everything we can, we are confident He will provide the rest.  We have so many stories already of people giving, donating materials or seriously discounting them for us. Others coming over and working, as well as completing major [specialized] construction jobs.  Various tradesmen donating time, and good cheer!  It seems that as long as Jeremy promises not to “help”, they are willing to do the professional job themselves  🙂

Thank you for your part in our ministry.  Together, we are reaching the world for Jesus, and equipping others to do the same!


Jeremy, Molly, Samuel, Joel & Eden


DTS Equip accomplished …for 2013 September 10, 2013

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Hello everyone.

The DTS Equip programs for 2013 have been successfully completed.  This year we ran two: USA (Montana), and EASTERN EUROPE (Ukraine).

USA (Montana)…

Personal discussion following a lecture

Personal discussion following a lecture

The 2013 Montana DTS Equip has officially ended.  20 participants graduated and are off and running to their next assignments.  For some that is leading Fall Discipleship schools, others are preparing to pioneer works in other nations, others to staff their first DTS.  From School of Biblical Studies leaders, Family Ministry leaders, to Discipleship school leaders, all agree that “this course was foundational to my leadership, and should be taken by anyone in leadership or discipleship, regardless of the program or location they work within”.
Thank you to all of you who participated, released, prayed for us, endorsed us, or encouraged people to attend.


Class with my faithful [Russian & Ukrainian] translator, Tanya.

Class with my faithful [Russian & Ukrainian] translator, Tanya.

Last week I gave a lecture via Skype to the Eastern European DTS Equip being run in Ternopil, Ukraine.  They are completing their final week, and I believe that this initiative to train and disciple leaders in Eastern Europe has been a significant addition to our ministries in that region.
From one couple,  “I am not sure about all we expected when we came, but whatever that may have been, DTSEquip definitely exceeded everything thought we would receive.”  A school leader remarked, “Now I see how important it is to develop  staff for the long-term and not just focus on training them for the next school. I think my worldview has been too short-term.”  Another DTS leader said, “This training will be so important for the staff of our region, not just DTS, but for all. We see our weaknesses and our strengths much more clearly now and will be making some changes.” It was an honor to work with leaders like these.

Now, how about a Mandarin-speaking Equip, or a Spanish-speaking one…?

Working to equip and empower others,

Jeremy and Molly.


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