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Day by Day with a DTS Outreach Team: Report from Kolkata July 14, 2010

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Hello everyone. Below I have attached an outreach report from one of the DTS teams that we have on outreach. We staffed this school, but while they went on outreach, we prepared for (and are currently running) DTS Equip. We receive reports from the teams, so we thought we’d post a few every now and then for you to see what’s going on out there.

Below is a simple report from a typical ministry day, concluding with a very satisfying  …’beginning’.

Hello from Kolkata, India!

Last night we were having “team time” and a random guy (also staying at our Kolkata guest house) came into our room. His name is Jensen, and he is from the USA, and is volunteering at a Mother Teresa home. The door to our room was open, and he walked in. He thought we were just some people hanging out, and he wanted to hang out with people. He had brought his dinner and sat with us. I thought it was odd that he was there, but we invited him to stay for our team time. We had our Bible meditation/devotion, our worship time, and paired up and prayed for each other as we had just finished our first full week with two particular ministries. Jensen sat there and took it all in.

Afterward this, Mark, one of the students on our team, prompted by the Holy Spirit, went and sat next to Jensen and started talking with him. Mark shared the gospel with Jensen and kept talking about Jesus. Jensen came from a Catholic background/school, but did not know that Jesus died for all sin…and at the end of the conversation, Jensen accepted Jesus! So we are starting to see some fruit…we’ve been sowing seeds all week, working with two street children ministries, and then God gives us the opportunity to reach out to Jensen, and he accepts Jesus! We are excited to see one person get saved! Like the verse says: there is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous people who do not need to repent. We are rejoicing, and we invite you to rejoice with us!

Please pray for Jensen as he is in Kolkata for 4 more weeks. We want to continue to build friendship with him, and for God to continue to work in his life. May God be glorified!

Rachel, for the India/Nepal outreach team


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