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Jeremy in Las Vegas March 23, 2015

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Hello everyone. What was one Australian guy (me) doing in Las Vegas with 27 ladies aged between 18 and 25?  Teaching in a Discipleship Training School focused on abolishing human trafficking and slavery and ministering to orphans, of course! Youth With A Mission runs Discipleship Training Schools that carry a specific theme or focus.  The one I have been teaching in this past week is preparing to send out two teams on outreach: one going to Nepal and India to work among orphans, and the other to Thailand and Cambodia to amid the human sex-slave industry.  The school consisted of 24 young ladies, plus their staff (of 4 ladies; where are the men?!).  We had a great week.  My topic: the cost of discipleship. It is a huge privilege to work among such committed young people, willing to be trained and sent out to some of the darkest places, to do some of the darkest work. IMG_8568 Back home, the family is doing well.  Samuel and Joel just turned 13 and 11.  Eden continues to be a confident—and darling—7 years old. At the mission here in Montana, we are just finishing up the January quarter. Our DTS has just left for their outreach in Thailand and Nepal.  I was privileged to teach in that school too, that time on grace. Thanks for following us, being on our team, or just even thinking about us!  It means a lot.

Blessings and love to you all out there,JW.


2 Responses to “Jeremy in Las Vegas”

  1. John Swan Says:

    Gee, Jeremy, I didnt know there were so many young American (25 in the photo) orphaned ladies involved in human trafficking and slavery!!!!! Good luck working the tables in the Casinos!!! Seriously, though, I have the greatest admiration for what you are doing! Cheers from Down Under, John Swan.

    • GoWests! Says:

      Thanks John. It was a great week; very enjoyable working with so many eager young ladies. “Where are the guys?” is my question, and challenge! Alas, this is the state of world missions (indeed the church) today. Bless you guys too in your “sphere” of Kingdom work.

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