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Q & A December 21, 2011

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Hi everyone.

Being the end of the financial year, I received a question about giving. We seldom talk about money, but I thought I would quickly make a comment here. This is not an appeal, but some helpful info’ for those who are interested.

Here is the USA, we can offer tax-deductible receipts if donations are made through YWAM. We can still produce these receipts for 2011 if we process your donations by January10th. Date your checks within 2011, and then have them arrive by January10th. Please email or call us for more info. You can also talk to our accounting department directly for credit transactions.

Other ways of giving are via Paypal. Additionally, some like to give directly to external ministry we do, such as Cambodia, travelling, teaching etc. If you prefer you can give directly into an account I have set up for that: “Missions Assist”. Ask me for more details, or see our “Join The Team” page on this site.


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