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YWAM – Our Response to Haiti March 8, 2010

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Everybody knows about Haiti. The earthquake, the suffering, the efforts.

We wanted to send out a quick update about some of YWAM’s response toward the needs there.  With over 20,000 staff worldwide, from hundreds of bases, it’s hard to tell you who is doing what and when.  Most YWAM efforts are being coordinated through our YWAM facility in Haiti.

YWAM Haiti Effort and Update

YWAM has been in Haiti for almost 2 decades.  Through their ongoing community relationshisp and service in that nation for years and years, YWAM is in a position to interact and relate to many government departments and other aid efforts. In fact they have been placed by the authorities as key coordinators.  Here is the latest email form a co-worker of ours who worked with YWAM in the Caribbean for several years. It includes a link to more info and a link to a video.

“Here is a short and powerful video that details the Call to Prayer on Feb 12 in Port Au Prince. It’s awesome to see so many Haitians in one place worshiping the Lord.  It also gives the statistic that a confirmed 101 voodoo priests got saved during the 3 day prayer and fasting! AWESOME!” http://marcestes.com/?s=haiti

“And below is another video link for the latest YWAM Haiti video. It shows food and clothing distribution. At the very end there is a short clip with Veronica’s brother and uncle in the background. They help out at the YWAM base when they have business to do in St. Marc with the containers being sent to La Gonave.  And YWAM Haiti has done so much for the Wesleyan Mission that we’ve been raising money for! It makes me proud to be a YWAMer!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0-bnxQ3nnA

YWAM Montana Effort

Here in Montana, when we were asking the Lord, “How do we respond , Lord? What is our part tot play?”, a young lady heard the call too. Veronica Thompson approached the leadership with a plan.  The response: “Let’s do it. Lead us!”  Veronica is one of our DTS staff and has worked herself in the Caribbean. We first met her when she attended our leadership course DTS Equip last year, and then helped us start it in St Croix last year. Working beside her over the last couple of months, I can attest to her passion and untiring efforts to bring our assistance to Haiti and the outlying island of La Gonava.  Well done Veronica!  Follow this link to our website which includes what we are doing. http://www.ywammontana.org/helphaiti

Veronica: “I also wanted to direct everyone to the facebook page we’re using to post updates, pictures and videos:”


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