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Kona June 28, 2010

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Following our week in Australia, we stopped over in Kona for a week of teaching.  Jeremy taught in a Call2All DTS, and also did staff training with small and large groups of staff.  His schedule was packed.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jeremy so utilized!  He went from group to group, teaching and training.  His wife is very proud of him!  Normally, I don’t travel with Jeremy; but this time Grammy and Papa kept the kiddos and we were able to go together.  woo woo!  Jeremy’s passion is staff and leader training and development, and his gift is greatly desired in Kona.  It was a very affirming time.  I marvel at how God tests and trains us and always always always proves himself so great!

Trip highlights??  Feeling the warmth of the sun!!!  Snorkeling.  Kona coffee on the rock wall.  The fragrant plumeria trees.  Celebrating our 13th anniversary.  More than all of that, spending time with family (Andrew and his family) and with friends.  It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and newer ones too!

Jeremy here.  So Kona… yeah, awesome time. We were still able to go for one week (instead of the original two planned) and as we suspected it was “right” for us to go. Even in the midst of hardship, the Lord still wants to lead us and direct us.  When at times it might feel as if we can’t see the bigger picture, or even the next immediate step, He always can.  And He has a plan for our lives; every single day of it.

In Kona I was involved in teaching the Discipleship Training School. My topic? You guessed it, “The cost of discipleship”. I also spent a lot of time in staff training sessions for the 5 outgoing (outreach) DTS  staff’s, as well as multiple sessions with the staff for the incoming DTS about to start.  On top of that was another key reason we went to Kona. I have been asked to help the Kona DTS program with strategic development. I spent some significant time with the DTS leadership team talking about vision, position and implementation; what a privilege.  Then, back to Montana to prepare for DTS Equip which has just begun…  More about that VERY soon!

…JW out.


One Response to “Kona”

  1. d rice Says:

    Hey guys! Glad you had a good trip out to kona. Makes my heart feel all warm inside. Miss ya!
    – d rice

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