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DTS Equip Montana-style: Wrapping Up! August 1, 2010

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Well, we did it again! Another DTS Equip class is preparing to graduate. 18 participants from several nations spanning Asia to the Americas, graduate this week from their 6-week staff and leadership development program.

DTS Equip MT 2010

Their studies took them through a foundational look at core identity as Christians, disciples and leaders, to Biblical worldview, conflict resolution, crisis management, as well as discipling people struggling with dysfunctional behaviors and addictions. All the time we constantly reinforce our own role as children of God and disciples of Jesus: the place where all of our leadership begins and ultimately takes us.

Thank you to all of you who have consistently given to us financially, prayed for us, and encouraged us over the last few months. What made this especially appreciated was the personal tragedy of my father’s death in early June, and all of the complications, traveling and “stretching” associated with that.  Thank you. You are indeed “encouraging the saints”.  (Philemon v7, 3John v5-8)

This school, like all of the others, has been a pleasure to lead, and very satisfying to watch the development of these young leaders. From the ages of 19 to 30, I am very proud of this group. Their personal application of material, selfless vision and response, and a willingness to “count the cost” to train others in multiple nations has been inspiring as well as encouraging.  Something very significant to us personally is the connection between this school and the next one less than a month away, in Cambodia!  Check back here tomorrow for that exciting story!  It’s a longer one, but you will be amazed at God’s faithful, strategic leading, and your role in making it happen.

How (not) to open a can with your thumb...

On a side note, Molly has added her own challenges to this busy time: trying to open a can with her thumb.   …mistake (health-wsie, and financially!). 5 stitches later…


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