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Cambodia Calling (part 1) August 3, 2010

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Over the next few days we want to share with you our upcoming (almost immediate!) plans. These include the expansion of DTS Equip, years of work in discipleship and leadership training at home and in Cambodia now bearing even more fruit, and how we are beginning to see God’s plan emerging for our not-so-small-part (all of us!) in influencing an entire global region with this work.  Keep coming back here over the next few days to see the pieces come together!


South East Asia

As you all know by now, we are heading out to Cambodia again as a family this month.  On August 18 we embark on another 2 month Cambodian adventure, followed by a week of teaching in Taiwan.

This trip to Cambodia won’t be leading a student discipleship team; it will be leading a staff development team to pioneer and establish our leadership school, DTS Equip! We have been looking forward to this event for about 3 years.

4 years ago our first Cambodian leader came through DTS Equip, returning to Battambang to pioneer YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS) This achievement has been hugely significant for the region, and they are about to begin their 2nd 9-month school. Praise God!

Then, 3 years ago we were able to scholarship another young Cambodian leader from Phnom Penh (Dina) who had been working extensively with Discipleship Training Schools, Youth Leadership schools, and a myriad of discipling works in remote provinces. In that Montana DTS Equip we also had 2 other western staff that work long-term in Battambang.  Currently Dina is working with me on the DTS Equip here in Montana.  On the 20th of August we meet up in Battambang to begin DTS Equip 2010 Cambodia! Dina is co-leading with me, and will then continue on as the leader for DTS Equip for subsequent schools.

This is very exciting for us. We are finally approaching the launch stage of a vision which for me actually began about 10 years ago.  To answer that, and shed light on the significance of this work in Cambodia, I need to go back in time a little…

The Road to Battambang.


10 years ago, while working with DTS in Kona, the Lord clearly spoke to me about the significance of Cambodia as an outreach location, “ripe for evangelism and discipleship, but overlooked”.  While YWAM had an active work there, not many  teams, churches or organizations were going to Cambodia due to the instability and danger. Nevertheless our teams kept going, and began having lasting impact. 4 years later some of our young leaders and staff went and pioneered a new YWAM work in Cambodia, in the city of Battambang. This group of young leaders ( all in their 20’s) have since planted two new ministry locations: one in the city of Siem Reap, and another in Preah Vihear in the central-north (another ministry location is currently being planned in the nation’s south, the site of one of our first Kona DTS outreaches.)  Over the last decade I have been going there teaching, encouraging, leading outreach teams, and now planting a short leadership school.

What really makes this exciting, and begins to reveal God’s bigger-plan for this work, comes next. Check out our blog tomorrow, under “Cambodia Calling (part 2) – The Vision Takes Shape!


One Response to “Cambodia Calling (part 1)”

  1. Wendy Myburgh Says:

    Hi Jeremy and Molly – In haste! Leaving for Oz tomorrow – my mother critically ill. i’ll be contacting your Mum. Thanks for update re Cambodia. May the blessings of God be abundant on you and your family as you plan and leave to go there. I will follow and pray for you.
    Love Wendy Myburgh

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