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Cambodia Calling (part 2) – The Vision Takes Shape! August 4, 2010

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Why Cambodia?

Moving on from yesterday’s entry, I believe I have heard God speak to me prophetically about Cambodia twice, both times with a strategic intention for application. The first has already been described: evangelism and establishing ongoing discipleship. A few years ago was the second time, this time regarding the training of Christian leaders in the entire region.

Cambodia is surrounded by nations, several of which are resistant to the Gospel and more difficult to establish longer term works. Some are “closed” to workers from more developed countries (E.g. Laos, Vietnam, Burma, China). Thailand is open, however it is expensive and politically difficult for citizens of these countries to enter. Cambodia is not! Plus, Cambodia is much cheaper.  Cambodia gladly capitalizes on “tourists” from developed nations, as well as workers and visitors from closed nations. I truly believe that Cambodia will be a strategic hub for the training of emerging ministry leaders in South East Asia.  In Cambodia alone 80% of the population is under 30 years old. The number of new believers within this age range, not to mention the number of emerging leaders and the need to train leaders for these new leaders, is growing every day.  Likewise, in Vietnam, China and elsewhere the church is booming, but ongoing discipleship is lacking, and especially absent is strategic disicpling-leadership training.

We believe our work over the years in Cambodia, and now especially DTS Equip,  is part of God’s plan to address this opportunity for key leadership training within the region.  In one month we begin our small work to address this huge call into South East Asia and beyond: “DTS Equip Cambodia”.

Cambodia Equip Flyer

Currently we have around 25 participants heading toward Battambang for DTS Equip. (It’s difficult to be precise regarding numbers due to the nature of communication and security issues within the region). We are expecting participants from Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Sth Africa, and the USA. Our staff are from Cambodia, Vietnam, USA, and Australia (not just me!), all of these having being trained in DTS Equip prior to 2010.

Please take a moment to pray for this venture in light of the grander scheme the Lord has for these people groups. We’re all in this together!

In our next entry we will show you some very practical ways to get involved quickly and effectively. From prayer to finances, together we can see many reached, equipped, and released!



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