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Cambodia – Let’s Make it Happen! August 6, 2010

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DTS Equip Leaders: Jeremy, Dina (Cambodia), Sharon (St Lucia)

Your Role #1:  Pray

We believe that this is God’s idea, and that is has been for years. But we are not there yet. Please pray for the logistics, communication, transportation, cultural interactions, immigration (and more), that need to occur for us to complete this mission.  E.g., For an idea of some of our struggles, we are preparing for double, simultaneous, translation, from English into Khmer and Vietnamese. I have been communicating every week over Skype and email with people in Australia, Cambodia, Thailand and the USA. Meanwhile, my Cambodia staff have been communicating with Cambodia, Vietnam, and (trying) with Burma. Oh, and add this to the list, our Cambodia leader has been translating multiple ministry documents from English to Khmer, while my Vietnamese staff in Vietnamese.  Please pray! What we hear from the Lord, we water with prayer, to harvest as God’s long term plan.

Your Role #2: Give

Friendly faces - dear Cambodian "sisters"

Yes that’s right, we need money. Not only us, but others as well. Simply put, this is brash; but it’s the truth.

For others: You can sponsor a young leader from any of the developing countries in the region for only US$200 for the 7-week school! That’s right, this is their subsidized cost for the program (Yay Cambodia!). Several of the Vietnamese participants are trying to raise this, as is our Burmese participant.  As for the Cambodian participants it’s even harder for them to raise the money.

Please let me know if you want to give to these needs asap, and I’ll help you to set it up.

For the Wests: As for the West family, our flight tickets alone cost over US $7000 ($3300 is already paid!) Our living expenses there for 2 months about $500. Immunizations for the kids last week…? A surprising $300. We have been able to purchase our tickets, and paid for other expenses (we needed to do this months ago). Now we are trying to fill the money-hole created!

God has always been faithful to provide extra support or jobs on the side that earn us a little money here and there. So many people have been faithful too, so many times. From the random acts of giving, to the consistent ongoing pledges month after month, year after year. This time, we’re just running out of time! I would like to think that God’s money is never wasted on projects like these, so thank you all for your gifts already, or in advance for the ones to come.

Teaching future leaders

Nathan (Equip Staff) & Joel, and Mine-Warning Sign

Study Group



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