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Financial Need Summary August 9, 2010

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Hey there.

We are often asked for specific needs. As mentioned in a previous email, below you will find a brief, yet to-the-point list of needs 🙂

Airfare: Total $7200.  $3500 paid already: $2700 outstanding.

Immunizations: $300 for the kids. After this round they will be pretty much up to date for years to come.

Food: Approximately $800 for the 2 months, for our entire family.

Local travel: Approx $500.

Visa Fees: $200. This doesn’t include “bribes” which can increase it by another $50  J. Just telling it how it is.

We also need prayer. From fulfilling God’s plan with wisdom, to leadership skills, cross-cultural challenges and just plain-old staying healthy! Could you commit to pray for us during this crucial time?


Jeremy and Molly

Eden with Wildflowers


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