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Testimonies from the DTS December 4, 2010

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Hi all.

This Thursday last we commissioned our Fall Discipleship Training School.  They have been studying here since September, and now about to embark on their outreach phase. There are 4 teams heading to 4 different locations: Turkey, Thailand, Guatemala and Haiti.

It is a privilege for us us to work with this program, even though our involvement with this particular school was minimal due to our recent role in Asia. To be able to show you a little of the fruit that comes out of what we do (and in this case only half-way through the program) is a delight.  At our community service they did a little presentation for us.  Please take a look for yourself. Just click on the link below.  It is something called “cardboard testimonies”. …You can work out the rest.

For those of you who sponsor our work, this is just a part of the fruit we are working to produce together. Now, these transformed people are off to take the Great News to others!

God is good.

Enjoy, JW

Fall DTS Cardboard Testimonies


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