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Haiti – a little of what YWAM’s been up to February 4, 2011

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Hello everyone. As I travel and talk to people I am sometimes asked what YWAM is doing in Haiti. We have a permanent work in Haiti, and has been there for many years.  Since the earthquake YWAM has been involved in virtually every sphere of the recovery of that nation, from day 1. We also lost people in the tragedy, and almost every local YWAM worker lost freinds and family. YWAM teams flooded in from [literally] all over the globe. Last month this email went tout as a general update. I thought I would also forward it to you. It will simply show you some of what has been happening through YWAM, but most of all, the goodness and faithfulness of God.

January 12th 2011 marked one year since the earthquake shook the nation of Haiti! On January 12th there was a large gathering. YWAM partneried with the Protestant churches of Haiti in an act of unity, recognizing the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ for those of us who survived the disaster! The event was called “Célébration de la vie” or “Celebration of Life!” We will be reflecting on what happened one year ago but with the motivation to give God thanks for what He has done in sustaining so many and the provision He has produced through so many organizations, churches and individuals!

Currently YWAM has various teams doing outreach in and around Port-au-Prince. Our newest YWAM Center operated by Director Peterson and Lucy Georges is gearing up to host their first Discipleship Training School this year as well as facilitate the teams they can. A YWAM team from Montana is on the island of la Gonave doing outreach with WISH Ministries and another team from YWAM Kona partnering with various ministries and orphanages in Montrouis. In St. Marc we continue building homes through the YWAM Ministry called Homes of Hope!

YWAM has closely followed 84 families since they were displaced and fled to St. Marc days following the earthquake. Since January we have been able to nurse back to physical health 62 injured people with their families, built permanent homes for 24 of these families and built semi permanent metal structured homes with concrete foundations for an additional 22 families. We have already received funding for the building of cement block homes for an additional 16 families in which these homes should be completed by the 1st week of Feb. 2011. This will bring the total of relocated families to 40 in permanent cement block homes and 22 in semi permanent metal homes. I know you will enjoy praising God with us on this accomplishment.

In addition we have acquired and paid for 35 acres of land in Timonette, St. Marc. Our goal is to develop a village called the New Beginnings Village for January 12th victims. This village will contain land for Resident homes, Church, Market and School. We have an additional 3 acres in Timonette where we have 30 hoop tents. These tents are acting as a temp housing for victims as we rotate families through into permanent homes. We require each family seeking a new home through the Homes of Hope Project be a victim of the earthquake, former renter in Port-au-Prince (With no intention to return),  participate in building at least three other homes beside their own, pay for the land the home is built and they must not sale or rent the home for a minimum of five years after entry. (For more info on Homes of Hope  www.ywamhaiti.org)

It has been so great to partner with so many this past year. Let me say once more a big thank you for the many volunteers that worked with us. I would like to take special not of those that help with the hoop tents through Espanshades Greenhouses. These tents became a model tent. The Commander for the UN in Haiti did a surprise visit to our camp in Timonette where we had the hoop tents erected. He observed the tents and the design of the camp. His comments were very positive as he shared that YWAM was a head of the curve with tent style, camp design and recovery strategy. It was a big encouragement for all of us and the efforts of so many that came as volunteers and the good people of Lancaster, PA area that sacrificed their time and resources in the design and implementation of the hoop tents. As we have relocated families we have disassembled many of the tents, storing them for quick response in case of future disasters.

Much to say and much has happened and we do not know how to thank you, your family and all those who have been involved thus far. Keep us in prayer through the day as we pray for a new foundation for new beginnings in Haiti! Zechariah 8:9-13.

Taking the High Places!

Terry W. Snow

Director St. Marc




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