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Tasty Fruit in Cambodia March 22, 2011

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Ever wondered if something that you did, something time-consuming and costly (even if rewarding at the time) would produce fruit later on? While we knew that our time in Cambodia last year was both rewarding and successful, it was such a pleasant surprise to receive this post below, sent to Molly’s Facebook account recently.

It comes from Cambodia, from one of the leaders there that was in our training program, “DTS Equip”. If you have been following our blogs, you will remember the video from the slum ministry we did during that time (look in October archives). At that slum we ministered, fed people, had prayer times when people were healed, and just loved on the families there.

Many of you are our ministry partners through prayer and financial support. Many of you helped us get to Cambodia last year. You deserve this little bite of yummy fruit. Read on below…

(ps. I put a couple of pics below)

Subject: Hello from Cambodia
Dear Jeremy and Molly,
Hello! Hope you guys are doing great. So, I am wondering what you guys are doing right now? DTS has been going for one month already. It is so good. We have 21 students, including 3 international students. I just want to say thank you so much for your obedience to God to have Equip in Battambang, Cambodia last fall. It was really helpful. It helped me and other staff to be better leaders, we were very impacted. And, especially I want to tell you about the slum church that we started during Equip outreach time. Do you remember about that? It is still going really well, we meet every Sunday. We baptized 8 people a few weeks ago. I love my church and am so thankful that God blessed them to have church and to study the Bible. I just thought about you guys and wanted to let you know what is going on in DTS and to say thank you. May God bless you. Miss you guys.
Love from,



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