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DTS Equip – Developing Leaders Who Develop Others September 10, 2011

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Hello everyone.

We have recently completed another DTS Equip here in Lakeside Montana, USA.
Another great group of individuals, and more proof that God is wanting to raise up serious staff and discipling-leaders. The DTS Equip is a leadership development seminar (6 weeks, full-time) designed to train leaders and staff. Most who attend are involved at some level with YWAM’s foundational school, the Discipleship Training School, or “DTS”.
This year we had 20 participants. While one of the younger (in general) groups I have led (average age of about 23) this could also be among the most engaging and intentional group I have worked with. As a leadership we were very impressed with the seriousness of our young leaders. Their honesty, ability to engage, willingness to apply some tough personal lessons, and broad vision for discipleship and leadership for the future was a huge encouragement and pleasure to work with.
One notable feature of this year’s Equip, was the presence of several individuals who were not planning on leading DTSs. This is very exciting, as we have always had people come to us for leadership and discipleship training outside of DTS, but this year approximately 1/3 of our group fit this description. In fact we had a School Of Worship staff of 4 attend to grow in discipleship, leadership, and team work. Another was a young lady teaching in the Canadian education system who saw young teenagers as her specific mission field and wanted more tools to disciple and lead effectively from that sphere. Overall I consider this DTS Equip was a very effective and successful school. I hope that in the years to come we can say it has also been “significant”.
Next year we are planning on running three DTS Equip schools. In April we will run a DTS Equip “Invitational”. This is specifically for more seasoned leaders/trainers who wish to take this program and multiply it within their own global region. Summer will see our regular DTS Equip (for all levels of leadership and experience). September will see our second DTS Equip in Battambang Cambodia.
Thanks for keeping up with us. This program is one of our major ministry focuses and events of the year. It is so rewarding to see and hear of the fruit that these schools are producing globally. I am writing this from Cambodia, and I can tell you that this is happening, and that many are eager for more advanced personal leadership development.  The Kingdom of God advances!
For the DTS Equip Crew,

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