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Don’t Forget the Little Guys! September 13, 2011

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The prettiest (albiet tired) soldier!

Every year at YWAM Montana we take 2 days to “retreat” as a staff. For the past few years we have gone to a campground about 20 miles away on a small lake. We bring in a speaker, eat good food, and play in the lake or horseshoes, etc. This year Danny Lehmann joined us as our guest speaker and it was wonderful. The sun was brilliantly hot, and THAT is always wonderful when you live up north =).

A few months ago God laid it on my heart to run a program for our kids during the adult sessions. We have….about 40 kids on base!! Normally we have babysitting, but many of us moms have wanted something more for them. Each year that has gone by, I say to myself, “I wish we had something fun and enriching for the kids during staff retreat”. So this was the year for me to quit wishing and get to work!

I am pleased to report that we pulled off “Bible Boot Camp” for our kids last month at staff retreat! There were songs, skits, crafts, snacks, games, lessons – basically a vbs crammed into 2 days! The feedback has been great. The kids were growing in the Lord and having fun while their parents were doing the same!

Some soldiers in God's army

It is so easy for me to pour into the lives of young women and co-workers around me. I can haul my family overseas and minister in a Buddhist nation for a few months. I take time to prepare and teach in discipleship programs. I love to do these things and will continue to do so. But I feel encouraged by the Lord to also take time for the children at THIS ministry location!

God has designed our kids to do great things with Him and for Him. What a privilege to partner with Him in their training and development! This school year in my family, we are working on scripture memory, as part of their homework. I trust the Word of God to bear good fruit both now and in the years to come!

Performing for the parents, "I may never march in the infantry.."


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  1. I’m glad to hear that it went so well. Cute pictures too.

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