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New Ministry in Local Elementary School April 18, 2013

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Club 3:16

It is with enormous joy that we share about Club 3:16, which we began in January at Lakeside Elementary School.

A group YWAMers combined with a couple local parents and a couple teachers launched this Club which meets twice a month IN the school.  It is openly evangelistic every single time and just last Friday 5 children made the decision and prayed to follow Christ!  Three of those children were in my (Molly’s) “small group” and come from un-churched families. Can I get a Hallelujah?!!  We will be giving them Bibles next club.

Honestly, this is proving to be the highlight of my Spring!  I look forward to these Fridays as my opportunity to share Christ’s love with children (and eventually families) in my little town in the mountains.  So much of our investment is in foreign lands – and we are seeing incredible transformation, even hearing reports this month from Cambodia, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc.

As we combine our efforts overseas with this local outreach, I feel like my cup is overflowing!

Thanks for investing in us and therefore in Club 3:16!

Doug has their attention!

Doug has their attention!

Illustrating how salvation requires Jesus' suffering.  The kids got it.

       Illustrating how salvation requires Jesus’ suffering.  The kids got it.

Getting ready for game time!  Heather is excited..

Getting ready for game time – Heather loves her job!


5 Responses to “New Ministry in Local Elementary School”

  1. Beverley West Says:

    Molly, this is wonderful! What a joy to know these kids are hearing the gospel in such a great way – and what a joy for you. It’s also a joy for me just reading this! Keep it up – precious lives being introduced to Jesus! Praying for the families to follow!

  2. Donna Ruth Jordan Says:

    Love it. As much as you reach out to the children you are reaching out to Jesus. Unless you become like Jesus you won’t understand the Kingdom. Love what you are doing and how you are doing it.

  3. Jeremy S. Says:

    Great stuff. I love that you have YWAMers, other parents, and teachers involved, and especially that kids lives are being changed.

    • Bill and Bev Efinger Says:

      Good for you, guys ! Great for the children that this door opened for you ! Thank you, Jesus ! Could see your joy on Heather’s face ! Behind you with our prayers. ( from just over the mountains 😉

  4. Cara Dyson Says:

    I LOVE this!!!!! You guys are amazing 🙂

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