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Sitting in Kiev…? July 13, 2013

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IMAG0643-1Sitting in an airport cafe in Kiev?Picture of me 4

The Montana Equip began two weeks ago and is going so well.  Meanwhile, the crew who did Equip last year in Montana have been preparing to pioneer the program in Eastern Europe.  So, here I am on my way to launch our newest Equip, the “Eastern European DTS Equip”, in Ternopil, Ukraine.  Unlike Cambodia, the Wests won’t be moving to Ukraine for two months; instead I am heading out here to kick it off with the very well-equipped leadership team already in place.

Watch this space next week for an update and a photo or two!  In the meantime, back to my Illy espresso…


One Response to “Sitting in Kiev…?”

  1. GoWests! Says:

    Hi A. Marg.
    Yep, unfortunately it’s not too hard to imagine the reality of your story! The program I am helping to pioneer here is actually not a DTS, but a DTS “EQUIP”. This is a leadership school, not exclusively for DTS leaders and staff, but primarily for that context. YWAM has a presence in several cities in Ukraine, doing a variety of ministries, including within Kiev. My role with this school is to develop the leaders and staff. This school planting is like the one we did in St Croix, and in Cambodia. It’s goal is to serve the region, with people from Ukraine (obviously), Russia, Belarus, and …other places 🙂
    Thanks for your comment. Bless you!

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