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3 Short Updates from the Field January 31, 2014

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We love being part of sending out teams and hearing the good reports!  Be encouraged today!


Thailand Update from one of the team leaders:

“We’ve just come out of the jungle where we’ve been for the last few weeks, and I actually have internet access at the moment, so I’ll write you a brief update…

For those who haven’t heard yet, our time at Ging Gaan was AMAZING!! We we’re able to speak to 2000 people in just one week, and we saw so many fruitful relationships, prayers of salvation, and lots of progress for our friends at Ging Gaan.

We just finished working at a children’s home near Chiang Rai, Thailand. We were teaching English and doing construction projects for the home…our team re-roofed a hut, painted a mural, and laid a huge piece of driveway. So much concrete…and all of it was stirred and poured by hand! So proud of our team!

Yesterday, we traveled to Mae Sai on the Burmese border, and Cortnie and I sat in a little canteen right on the river between the two countries, and it was amazing being able to stare across at Myanmar…hopefully, one day, we can go there with another team! (And to all our friends in Myanmar, we’re thinking of you…)

Tonight, we get on a bus and travel down to Phuket, where we’ll be working with an organization that helps women caught in the prostitution industry as well as teaching English and job skills to immigrant workers and their families. Pray that our time there is as fruitful as what we’ve seen here up north.

As many of you know, there have been protests in Bangkok since before we arrived in Thailand, and it has started to escalate with an explosion and at least one death. As a result of the escalation, we’re bypassing our stop in Bangkok that was planned, and we’re traveling straight to Phuket instead. Please pray for the eight or so million people in Bangkok that the protests stay peaceful, that no one else gets harmed, and that there’s a quick solution found for the Thai government and its people.

We have amazing, intelligent, and very helpful contacts here in Thailand that are making sure we all stay safe. Internet access will continue to be spotty for our remaining two and a half weeks, but we will send another update as soon as we’re able.”


Taiwan Update from one of the team leaders:

“We’ve been having a busy last month here in Taiwan. We traveled to the Southern part of the island to help with a new church in the area. We led Bible Study, preached, led worship and got to do some open airs in the community. It was an awesome 10 days of building relationships with people and encouraging the church there. We saw several new people come into the church during our stay and ask you to keep praying for the people of Kaohsiung and that their influence in the community would keep growing!

We then taught at an English camp for 4 days that had about 100 High-school students attend. We got to talk to a lot of students about the Bible and they had many questions about How to Hear God speak! The way our team loved kids and served with joy had a huge effect on the teachers we were working alongside during those 4 days.

We have now returned to the base in Danshui for our final two weeks of ministry and are getting to work with The Rock coffee bar which many of you know of. It’s Chinese New Year so things are bustling in the area and there’s SO MANY opportunities to talk to people about Jesus. We are praying to see more salvations as fruit of the many relationships we’ve built here! Keep praying with us in these last two weeks!!”


Mexico Update from one of the team leaders:

“We have had a great couple of weeks of ministry which was highlighted by building a Home of Hope. We built a 16’x20′ house for a family of 15. With the house we also were able to give them a table and chairs, a nice bunk bed and most of all a nice small range that they can cook on. When we arrived for our first day of the build there was a small fire going outside with a pot on it, so giving them this range will bless them immensely.

In addition to the house, we were able to bless the small community with some blankets and bags of food. Last night we went to the church there and all the community showed up which is a lot more than the normal 12 people. We were supposed to preach but the Pastor was caught up in the moment of having his church filled, so he went for it and preached the gospel. We snuck in a drama and I was able to give my testimony. God is doing some good things in that community.”


We also have teams currently in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Russia, and Ukraine.. but this update is already long enough =)

Jeremy leaves today for Amsterdam where he will be in International meetings for a week.  The 50 or so leaders gathering together are coming from around the globe, reporting on what God is doing in their regions and planning for the next seasons of training. Good stuff.

It’s a privilege to serve.  Thanks for being on our team!


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