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Headquarters – Family News April 14, 2014

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West’s International Headquarters Update

It is amazing to report, but we have almost finished the framing of our house!

We began mid March and things are really moving forward quickly. It is a surreal feeling witnessing our home come to reality. Our contractor has been fantastic; a real answer to prayer. God has been involved in many elements of the project. Here are some of our God-stories so far:

  • Many people have donated materials and time to us. Windows, doors, stone, financial gifts and more.
  • Our excavation cost an extra $2000 due to the discovery of blue-rock.   But then the following blessing happened to pay for it…
  • We received a call that someone was donating all of our roof shingles. That is worth around $2500!
  • Then, two days later a friend from church told us he would install all of the roofing for free!
  • Another friend from church is stone mason. He offered to provide the stone for our fireplace for free, as well as all of the labor to lay the stone!
  • We were going with Formica counter-tops… Then our contractor found a friend of his who is entering the granite counter business and convinced him to use our project as a way to move into the market, model his work, and advertise. We are getting granite for the cost of Formica!
  • We decided to make a change to the roof-trusses above the garage and make a bonus room (it will be unfinished initially). It was estimated that the cost of different trusses would only be around $1300 (very cheap for a huge room addition!). But, according to our (honest!) contractor they have only cost us an extra $650.

At every turn we are being blessed. Even though we are under contract with our builder, he is so happy to accommodate these donations and gifts, even though each one removes some of his profit margin.

Our next big miracle area will be appliances. We will soon need to select appliances to be installed. We are screening the clearance and returned sales at Lowes and Home Depot waiting for the right bargains to appear!

Here are some photos from start to present.  Thank you for celebrating this miracle with us.


March 12 – Footings in



Framing – this happened remarkably quickly



Trusses in



Last week – Roof going on


Notice all the sunny days?  That is another God story!






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