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Samuel. A work in progress February 26, 2015

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The other day my 12 year old said a surprising thing.  We were having a family dinner before an evening community worship meeting.  It was going to be an open forum where anyone there would be encouraged to share a “testimony of God’s goodness”: what He has done or, what is He doing in one’s life.  So, at dinner before the meeting we asked the kids, “What is a [testimony] in your life?”

Samuel, my 12 year old replied, “I don’t have a testimony”.

“Why not?” was my reply.

Well”, he said, “my testimony isn’t finished yet.  I’m in the middle of it.  It has been going for a while, but isn’t over yet.”  I was stunned.  Such simplicity, yet such uncommon depth of perspective.

Too many times we see God and what he is doing, with too narrow a perspective.  Too short-sighted. Being the consumers we naturally are, we commonly only recognize God’s handiwork after it is done, or in a single moment in time.  Unfortunately, if the process eludes us, so too does the recognition of an ever-present and involved God; lacking also is the day-to-day gratitude.

I encouraged my son to share this at the evening’s meeting; we adults need to hear his ‘testimony in action’.

He does not like attention; the thought of sharing publicly in a meeting, simply scares him!  After several others shared pieces, including a couple of other kids, Samuel got up to share.  I was facilitating the meeting, and in truth, I thought that what I had heard earlier would be all he would say.  Instead he actually unpacked it!

20150225_183625“Hi, my name is Samuel; that is my dad…”  “When I was younger, in 4th or 5th grade, I didn’t really know who I was.  I would try to “dress in other kids clothes”, and look like others. But God has been showing me who I am more lately.  The testimony isn’t finished yet, I am still in the middle of it.  Thanks”

That was humbling.  So proud.  So important.  We are all trying so hard to arrive somewhere, we so easily miss the journey.  I know that we all hear stuff like that all the time.  But hearing it from a 12-year old did something.  It encouraged us.  We are all in the middle of our testimony; in the middle of His testimony is us.


2 Responses to “Samuel. A work in progress”

  1. Nancy Almerico Says:

    Wow! What profound wisdom–especially from your 12 yr old. Very uplifting as it reminded me how God knows us–every cell & fiber of our being–loves us anyway & shows us how to love ourselves so we can love others in turn.

  2. Amy Davies Says:

    I didn’t understand this “testimony in progress” thing until at least high school. So awesome that he already sees it– AND was willing to share!

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