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May 2016 Update June 1, 2016

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This last month, while busy, leaves us satisfied with successful ministry, family life, and the approaching schedule of June!
The Maui DTS

The Maui DTS

I have just returned from Maui where I was teaching in a Discipleship Training School; the topic, Identity in Christ and Discipleship. This school is now only 3 weeks away from their outreach in Bangl.adesh (spelling deliberate). This was a very fulfilling week. A small school, yet huge in heart. So dedicated to the teaching, application in their own life, and commitment to taking the gospel to the nations. When there they will be working strategically alongside existing long-term ministries.

This next week I bring to conclusion 9 months of various Staff Development teachings at our ministry campus in Montana. Each month we have been moving a small group through lessons, reading and discussion on Spiritual Formation: in self and, for the facilitation for others.
June holds a very exciting schedule for us as a family. In a week I fly to Kona, our largest campus, to teach in the Discipleship Bible School. This is a second level school combining the overview of the entire Bible, with the specific theme of discipleship. I have a large teaching task for the week, but the GREAT news is that the whole family is coming along! By using airline certificates, mileage tickets, and one paid ticket, we can all stay for some vacation together. Our friends are letting us stay in their condo while they are gone, as well as use their car. God is good. His goodness working through the generosity and consideration of others is giving us a great wonderful time with friends, and family. Needless to say that our kids are soooo excited!
At the end of June, our leadership school DTS Equip will begin for the summer; back to the grind!
Thanks for following along and being part of making a difference.
Jeremy and Molly

4 Responses to “May 2016 Update”

  1. Donna Ruth Jordan Says:

    So happy you were in Maui. I spoke in their second week. Thrilled you are going to Kona for a family holiday. Have FUN and make memories for your kids. Love you.

  2. Wendy Myburgh Says:

    Thanks for your newsletter – always enjoyed and appreciated. Youré doing great work. Enjoy your holiday in Kona with whole family – times like that don’t come too often so have a marvellous time together.

  3. nankybabe@aol.com Says:

    Dear Molly & Jeremy, So excited to hear how God is working & using you to spread His Word. Isn’t God just amazing to gift you with a beautiful family vacation in Kona! He knows our needs & then lavishes us with His riches, always above & beyond whatever we ask or imagine! Praise Him! Love, Nancy & Jim XOXOX

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  4. Foosh Says:

    Stoked (and a little jealous) that you get some great family time in Kona. Have a great time!

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