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June 2019 | A quick day-in-the-life video tour! June 17, 2019

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DSC_3003Hi all.

Here’s a 5-min video tour of a bunch of places on our campus as we go about a “regular” day.

Thanks for supporting and following us.  Constantly busy, never stationary for long, always grateful.  Thanks to the team!



5 Responses to “June 2019 | A quick day-in-the-life video tour!”

  1. Wendy Myburgh Says:

    Thanks Jeremy & Molly for your quick tour – I enjoyed seeing your work environment.
    God bless you both and your family.
    Love Wendy

  2. Bev Efinger Says:

    Enjoyed the tour ! Thanks ! Hope tomsee it for ourselves soon !

  3. Marti Seminoff Says:

    Sooo…………I nearly cried. But I didn’t want to post that for obvious reasons. Very impactful!

  4. M Swan Says:

    Hi Molly & Jeremy, We really enjoyed the tour around the campus! It gave a really helpful understanding on the many aspects of work you are involved in and a good sense of the community there. love Marg

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