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Cambodia 2019, Report January 15, 2020

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Dear friends,

We are finally sitting down to share about our family trip to Cambodia!  It was AMAZING. God fulfilled so much in each of us and used us to encourage and train the saints there.  It was so good to be back in Cambodia together as a family. How to explain it all without writing a novel?!

God so clearly went before us.  On our way there, we were boarding our final flight in Hong Kong and noticed a group of young people getting on with us….hmmm 🤔…turns out we knew one of the guys (a family friend from Australia) and he was on a DTS outreach team from Australia to Battambang! This outreach team was awesome and they welcomed our boys to join in ministry with them.  So Sam and Joel got to do work projects and ministry with them while we were there. Sam was particularly impacted and connected closely with a couple of the guys.

We went to a village slum near the railroad tracks and loved on some children, played games, gave baths, had snacks, sang songs and shared about Jesus.  It was heartbreaking yet wonderful.

IMG_8525  IMG_8575

We did some manual labor projects at “Cafe Eden” which is a YWAM restaurant that trains up Cambodians in business, discipleship and leadership.

Relaxing after a very sweaty day



Molly got to meet with many different gals (Cambodian and Foreign) who serve in leadership positions and encourage and pray with them – just love them really. This was a huge highlight.



The boys were constantly down on the soccer field meeting Cambodians and playing with them. 

We got to help with and attend a wedding: one of our past DTS students, Izzy from WA state, marrying Socheat from Cambodia!

IMG_8885Eden spent time with some precious kiddos and loved every minute of it!


We offered a training seminar for DTS leaders and staff from all around the country. Jeremy did the lions share, but I also taught a few afternoons. This was incredible. Jeremy spent a ton of time with various leaders offering his wisdom and encouragement.  These guys so appreciated it!



We spent time with old friends and made new ones!

We hit the ground running….and fully engaged until it was time to say goodbye.  As we were leaving, taxiing on the runway, and the sun was setting, Eden said, “Mom, you know what makes Cambodia so special? It’s the people.”  I couldn’t agree more.

And we shed some tears as we took off. What a rich time it was. Rich in spirit – which is the kind of rich we seek to be.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us!


Jeremy and Molly


Sam’s Highlights

  • “Seeing how God has influenced people to invest in Cambodia – the faith and confidence they had to go and now it is such a huge ministry.”

  • “Enjoyed jumping in with DTS outreach team. The spirit in the team was so joyful and deep.”

Joel’s Highlights

  • “Being in another culture.”

  • “The food.. well, the rice”.  (Mom comment: I cannot believe he said food when I asked about highlights!! Joel was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 years ago, and I prayed that he would see he could still travel into the 3rd world and be ok. God is so faithful!)

  • “Bunking with the Cambodian guys.” (Sam and Joel stayed in a room with Cambodian staff guys, while Eden, Jeremy and I stayed in a room in a different building)

  • “Seeing how happy people are with so little.”

Eden’s Highlights

  • “Meeting people and getting to know them.”


2 Responses to “Cambodia 2019, Report”

  1. Beverley West Says:

    An amazing blessing for your whole family to go and see and be part of this wonderful ministry. I think Cambodia is ‘home away from home’ for you and your children 🙂 Love it that they love the work of this ministry and the people as they do!

  2. Wendy Myburgh Says:

    What an enriching experience for you all – especially for the children, to be exposed to 3rd world living and come away ‘loving” it! The average child knows nothing of this type of living – let alone be involved in sharing it. May God continue to bless you all.

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