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Deep Thoughts by Joel March 8, 2010

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Kids are awesome.
You just never know what’s going to come out next. Whether it is something totally inappropriate, off the wall, embarrassing, or just silly, they keep us on our toes as parents!! I won’t publish some of the more humbling public statement that my children have made. You have probably heard those yourself!! But on Saturday Joel said something so beautiful and profound. I want to share it!

We were driving down Blacktail Mountain from a ski adventure, when suddenly Joel says, “I’m sure glad we live in a free country.” Joel just turned 6. “Why Joel?”, I say. “Because we can worship Jesus and tell people about Jesus.”

What in the world made him think of that? Here I was thinking how nice it was being up high with a view of the Flathead Valley…wishing my time in the lodge alone could have lasted longer…planning dinner…and baths…and future conversations with people….and my 6 year old is thankful for living in a free country! While I was thinking about the physical perspective from the top of the mountain, my kindergartner was thinking with a spiritual perspective.

It was a beautiful reminder of what really matters: Worshiping Jesus and sharing the great news! And being thankful that we can!!


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