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My Dad… Peter West. 13 Sept 1938 – 2 June 2010 June 2, 2010

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Hello everyone.

Last night I received a call from Australia saying that the Dr’s had called mum, and to tell others, to come in for dad.
He died around 10am Montana time this morning.

Following is a short synopsis of the last month or so, from my perspective.
As you know I was able to go down early May and spend a couple of weeks with mum and dad (in hospital). While I was there I was able to spend a lot of time with him and especially with my mum, chauffeuring her every day back and forth from the hospital. One of my brothers, working with YWAM in Kona, also flew down for several days.  While we were there dad was assessed as requiring palliative care, so he was transferred to a palliative care hospital, where he remained to today. The medical prognosis was one of “weeks”.   While we were still praying for healing, we have also been praying for the Lord’s highest in the situation, trusting in the sovereignty of God.

Interesting thought…
I am part of a large family; 5 kids. While we have our own family issues, we are a strong unit, very close, very honest, very fun. We can fight hard, but we always play hard!  All being believers, I have noticed an interesting dynamic. As we are told by Paul, “we have one body but many parts…”, and the different gifts all play different, yet essential roles.
Could it be the same in families? I have noticed in my family that different ones of us seem to be performing different roles, and I don’t think it’s as simple as personality differences. I think it’s orchestrated by God, as a miniature picture of the body of Christ.
Some were fervently believing for healing. Others, more pragmatic and medically objective. We have a mixture of medical and spiritual perspectives; all of us leaning into the character of God. While one encourages mum with hope for healing, another encourages with the eternal hope dad has. Someone is there to go through conferences with Doctors, another to talk about God’s healing power, and another to be open to discussing potential funeral plans, and the “what next?” questions that had often occupied her mind.   …And all of the other stuff in-between.
All in all we revolve around the sovereignty of God. I don’t know how others who aren’t “stapled” to a perfect triune God, could even hope to approach the kind of diversity, yet unity and grace, that we seem to have experienced in this time.
Me?  My prayers have been somewhat simple: for God to be glorified. I know that God can heal. But would He? It seems like dad is leaving the earth too early; still so much more he wanted to do for the Kingdom. But it’s also so encouraging to see everything that has been done through him already. He has already left a legacy for many around the world to follow, leading to the Father. Perhaps the Lord would have him add to that? Perhaps not. While we always wanted dad healthy again, we never feared for him!
While mum was with him all day and into the evening yesterday, she was forced to go home last night because she is actually quite ill herself.  She received a call around 1am to go in again, but didn’t make it there in time, probably by about 15 minutes. I don’t think he was conscious at all, and he hadn’t suffered from any pain. Mum has been there almost every day for the last 6 weeks, and the family there have been regular and committed in their service.
It’s hard.  Yesterday when I heard the impending news, I was a little ‘numb’. Today it’s a bit different.  Especially for mum, I’m sure. Please pray for her.
Thank you for all of the ongoing prayers over the months, and for those prayers I know will follow this inadequate communication, about the loss of one so special in the Kingdom of God, as well as here on earth.
Jeremy and Molly.
p.p.s. Sorry that we have not been better in communication lately. Since coming back from Australia, I wasn’t as motivated to write about this until now.

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