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Montana DTS EQUIP 2010 July 11, 2010

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A deep thought before diving in

“DTS Equip”. In case you didn’t know, this is the Leadership and staff development training program that we developed for the DTS world!  We are in our 4th year, …5th school.  We have the privilege, and responsibility, to train both new and experienced leaders and staff as they strive to become more effective discipling-leaders: trainers of trainers; disciplers of disciplers. While most of our participants are from roles within YWAM we always have some who are headed back into other ministry environments: the church, industry, foreign missions… In 2009 we ran two. This year we are doing the same.

How time flies!!  We started our 2010 DTS Equip 2 weeks ago and our group consists of 18participants plus 8 staff, working in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia, and Grenada.  Being cross-cultural is one of our greatest strengths in YWAM!

R weeks ago we embarked on 6 weeks of equipping and empowering DTS staff and leaders! Ten days after this DTS Equip finishes we embark on our next challenge in developing strategic and influential disciplers: planting DTS Equip in Cambodia! This program will serve leaders (most under the age of 30) in many places who otherwise would never get the chance to travel to the USA for such in-depth training.  We are very excited about this opportunity. Already we have leaders and staff coming for additional development from Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and the USA. More about that to come soon.

Our Mission Statement is:  To provide a resource-rich environment where DTS staff and leaders are equipped in character, skills and Spirit, so that DTS students and programs worldwide may benefit and develop according to their individual and corporate callings.

Theme Scripture : “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

If you are interested in hearing some of our lectures, let us know! We will post them as audio links to this site.  And, remember, if you haven’t signed up for automatic alerts when we update our site, do it now! Enter your email address at the right side of our blogsite; it willl automatically shoot you out a quick reminder that we have put something new up.

DTS Equip MT 2010

DTS Equip 2010 Montana - Here we come.

The Welcome

Dr Ron Smith - Laying a Foundation


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  1. Alissa Says:

    Looking forward to Audio links, on the mission field can use any bit of ‘spiritual food’ I can get!! Much love Wests! (Alissa with Island Breeze Brisbane)

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