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Family Update, BTown 2012 September 30, 2012

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Family Update

We have been here in Cambodia 4 weeks, and are undoubtedly walking in the grace of God!  Despite all the challenges in the areas of comfort and convenience, (oh, and injuries) we are having fun, laughing a lot, and growing together as a family as we minister in the third world.

A few days ago, Samuel realized we are half way through our time here, and he offered his opinion that we should probably stay longer!  Wow!

Highlights as a family so far would certainly include the boys fishing adventures.  They got a hold of some bamboo poles, fishing line, and hooks, and away they went!  They love fishing in the pond here on base.  Their first attempt yielded 6 fish, which they handed over to some Kmai staff to eat when the base kitchen is closed!  Their second day was 10 fish, and we have stopped counting since.  I love how their new hobby is supporting Kmai missionaries =))

Another family highlight would be eating at Café Eden.   Our lovely friend Anna has established an amazing café – some of the best eats in Battambang!  40 % of the profits go to supporting Kmai staff, and 25% towards new ministries starting up, so it feels reasonable to eat delicious food and put our money towards that every now and then!  Eden happens to like the name too…

Arriving by TukTuk to Café Eden.  This is how Battambang rolls!

Getting back to basics has been a family highlight as well.  The joy of playing games together and finding creative things to do is a good change from the usual go-to’s at home, ie..the Wii!  Games like, “Don’t touch the ground” can last for hours!!

We got to visit one of the many crocodile farms in the city…they are farmed to sell to Thailand for leather, meat, etc.  It was creepy and shocking really, to discover a person’s yard filled with hundreds, yes hundreds, of crocodiles!  I certainly would not want to live next door!

Check out this short clip of the Crocodile Farm!

A river runs thru Battambang, which Eden has named the Chocolate Milk River=)

It is such a privilege to be here and be part of fulfilling God’s dreams for Cambodia and beyond.  While we miss the comforts of home, God is faithful in reminding us that investing in His Kingdom guarantees the best return!!

Fun Fact #1:  In about 10 days the DTS here leaves for India, Laos, and Tajikistan!  God is raising up Cambodian missionaries! And sending them into all the world!!

Fun Fact #2:  Izzy, a gal from Washington state, is co-leading the outreach to India.  Izzy was in a DTS we led in MT 4 years ago!  God called her back long term, and Jeremy and I couldn’t be more proud of her obedience and love for Cambodia.  This is what we call in YWAM, a big paycheck!

Thank you for your prayers, here are a couple ideas, if you would like them…

–          We have been to the hospital twice already (Eden’s sliced under her chin, and Joel his lower back) and we would prefer to avoid that in the last month!

–          Joel has been struggling a bit with taking deep breaths.  This may be asthma or an indicator or stress..

–          Eyes for all 5 of us to see God’s beauty here and opportunities to show love to our Equip class, to folks on campus, and to those we encounter in the streets.

–         Cambodia and Southeast Asia were designed to glorify God!  Join us in prayer for this!


6 Responses to “Family Update, BTown 2012”

  1. Thanks for the update. We love you guys.

  2. Molly, how many times can your children slice open their skin in Battambang? Any stitches this time thru? Oh my! I’m glad you guys are enjoying the best place on earth!

  3. Lynnette Says:

    great update!!!! Love you guys so very much!! You are all so amazing being the hands and feet for our awesome God!!! Thank you!!!

  4. natbam Says:

    I remember when you took your first family picture in front of the Kingdom of Cambodia gates (Eden was just a baby!) So awesome and encouraging to see your faithfulness…lifting you up in prayer for continued safety and anointing for your last few weeks. Love and miss you all!

  5. natbam Says:

    I remember when you guys took your first family picture in front of the Kingdom of Cambodia gate! (Eden was just a baby!) It is so awesome and encouraging to see your faithfulness…praying for continued safety and anointing for the next few weeks in Cambo. Love and miss you all!

    • GoWests! Says:

      Hey Bams, you married woman you!
      Just saw your comment. Thanks friend! That was a fun outreach with you over FOUR years ago. wow. Ya, the kids are getting huge. My baby is five… Hope you are well.
      Big Hugs!!

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