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Mission Accomplished October 29, 2012

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We are home now and sitting near our fire trying to keep warm, as there was a carpet of white snow to welcome us home! Samuel put it well when he declared, “It’s weird Mom, yesterday we were soooo hot, and today we are soooo cold!”

Our time in Cambodia ended on such a high note! So much was accomplished in the lives of the Equip group (42 people serving throughout Southeast Asia). Our work there was incredibly rewarding- seeing fruit daily in lives of leaders and staff that we know are already multiplying into others. But it was terribly sad leaving our close friends and co-workers. Certainly our hardest departure, as God has knitted our hearts with so many in the region.

There are piles of things to be thankful for, and one is our prayer and financial support team. Thank you. We have made a big impact together! We were told by Cambodians, Vietnamese, and Thais, that the fruit of the last 2 months of training will be seen for years to come. We have done well.

One highlight came through our mode of transportation – the TukTuk. A young man called Borat was our TukTuk driver….and he became a Christian! After he had been driving our family around Battambang for several weeks, Jeremy stayed up late one night talking with him and then a couple days later, Jeremy and some friends met with him and he committed his life to Christ! People have been witnessing to him for a while already and Jeremy got to be involved in the harvest! Borat shared with his Buddhist Mom, and she is accepting his decision. This is so rare, and so we know she is coming to Jesus next!

Here we are with Borat, our brother in Christ!

Another highlight was the outreach we did in a nearby slum. People came to know Jesus and felt the love of God for the first time. One woman in her 70’s has decided to follow Jesus…because when some Equip participants prayed for her, she was healed of blindness!

Following are some photos from this slum which convey more than words!

Samuel making balloon animals for the kids in the slum.

Playing Games

We handed out plates of food to all who came to the gospel presentation. It was sweet bbq corn, sweet pineapple, and sweet coconut jelly. I loved it because they were hearing sweet news about a Savior who loves them!

Jeremy chatting with some Cambodian Soldiers across the alley from the gospel presentation

And now a couple family shots….

Eden turned 5

A Khmer friend climbed a coconut palm and gave one to Joel…who loved it.

…He also ate a roasted cricket =(((

God was absolutely faithful to our family and to the people he loves in Southeast Asia.

Thanks for being our friends and for being committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It truly is transforming people and nations!

Love ~ Jeremy & Molly, Samuel, Joel and Eden


3 Responses to “Mission Accomplished”

  1. Beverley West Says:

    So exciting to see & hear all the wonderful things accomplished in Cambodia – am praising God for all that He has done in people’s lives and for the fruit that will follow – big time! Grateful too that you’re all well & also so proud of 3 amazing grand children – they’re already enthusiastic missionaries! God is so faithful.

  2. Jesse Davies Says:

    What an inspiring post! We’re really blessed to hear what the Lord has been doing through you and in you. We’ll be praying that God empowers you through the transition back to Montana and that what you have learned in this time would be permeating your minds and changing you and encouraging you to continue after Christ with all the passion you already convey 😀

    Much love from Amy and Jesse Davies in NH.

    • Wendy Myburgh Says:

      It’s wonderful to get a glimpse of what God has been doing thru you and your family in Cambodia where you have been faithful to your call in serving the Lord in South East Asia. Lovely to see the photos and to hear about the Tuk-tuk driver accepting the Lord. I’m sure the work you have been doing there is a sweet fragrance to the Lord and there surely will be more who will come to Him because of your family having been in Cambodia. Trust your transition and integration into life in Montana will be smooth – especially the children.

      Love from Wendy Myburgh in Cape Town Sth Afrcia.

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