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Spring Equipping April 24, 2014

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Hi friends!  We are half way through Spring DTS Equip – the leadership development seminar we lead. We have 14 wonderful participants and the most diverse group we have facilitated. The youngest is 18 and the oldest in their 60’s (with staff in their 70’s!). Various ministries are represented including:  Dance, Sports, Facilities, Children and Youth, Biblical Training, and of course DTS and Crossroads DTS programs. Both Molly and I have been teaching, as well as an amazing line-up of international and domestic teachers and trainers.


One particular “paycheck” for us so far is the presence of Yuka (back row, easy to spot!) one of our key staff from Cambodia.  Yuka works with the South East Asia Equip in Cambodia.  Not only did he manage to raise money for the trip, but he received a visa within two weeks of applying, first try (that is a miracle in itself)!

2014-04-24 11.26.26


Molly and I continue to serve on our YWAM leadership council here in Montana which keeps us very busy. We are currently in one of the fullest seasons ever, with over 160 full-time staff now serving the nations from here, as well as just as many students taking training courses. We currently have teams in Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Thailand, as well as many of our teaching and training staff serving in other nations such as Nepal, Ukraine, Mexico, and more.

Molly and I have also been blessed with our church family. We are actively involved in a church “life group”, sharing some of the leadership and pastoral cares. This has been very enjoyable for us; to be so involved in the body of Christ not only in the nations with YWAM, but also in the local community. This service will grow as the year progresses, which we will share more about in the months to come.

DSC006422014 is shaping up to be a busy year for us. In February I (Jeremy) recently completed my Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. We are currently building a house, the “West’s International Headquarters”, and as already mentioned we are half-way through the first DTS Equip of the year. Late June the Summer Montana Equip begins, mid-July the Eastern Europe Equip (in Ukraine) begins, then in September the Sth East Asia Equip kicks off in Cambodia. More details will follow as the year unfolds.  Whew!

The family is doing well. It’s hard to believe that the Samuel, Joel and Eden are in their last term for the year, and will have completed 6th grade, 4th grade and Kindergarten respectively.

Thank you for your continued prayer, communications and support. Having such a group of people supporting us is so encouraging and plays a HUGE role in the mission work we do. Together we are making a tangible difference.

Love to you all!

Jeremy, Molly, Samuel, Joel and Eden!


One Response to “Spring Equipping”

  1. Swans Says:

    Hi Jeremy & Molly,

    Great to read your news, as always.

    I am always amazed at the international involvement you have either directly by your visits overseas or via the students who come to you! And the age range! Fascinating!

    Looking ahead in your schedule you have Cambodia (again) and Ukraine (again). Such needy countries from past wars and political unrest but on God’s rescue agenda!

    We recently attended a talk about Cambodia by a non christian man who has set up a charity (school) following his holiday tour there. We were reminded of the horrors of Pol Pot and the destruction of the country from many years of war. And, every day on the news we hear about the political tension in Ukraine.

    Bless you all,




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