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2 Family Celebrations November 23, 2016

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#1 – Taiwan Family
I wish you could have been there with me!
Last month I sat in a huge room in Dan-Shui Taiwan, filled with Taiwanese and foreign missionaries from all over the globe. It was my JOY to celebrate 20 years of The Rock Cafe ministry in Danshui Taiwan (a free coffee-bar ministry which YWAM runs).  We listened to testimonies of many local Taiwanese who met Jesus through the Rock Cafe.  Men, women, teens, young and old, went from lives of hopelessness to lives filled with purpose and joy.  Tears of gratitude rolled – on all of our faces – as our Taiwanese brothers and sisters recalled the transformation in their lives, expressing such gratitude to Jesus and to the missionaries who served to pave the way for them to meet Jesus!
 God’s family conitunues to grow – and I know He loves it when we celebrate that!


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#2 – Mission Partners | You are family to us
This Thanksgiving, we’re celebrating God’s family growing through our partnership with you!  Together we see lives transformed, at home and abroad.
Go through his open gates with great thanksgiving; enter his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name.  For the Lord is always good. He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on to each succeeding generation.”

– Psalm 100

If you live anywhere in the USA, tomorrow you will likely be in a home with friends and family to celebrate a unique day on our calendar: Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for this holiday – a time to pause and reflect on the goodness of God in our lives.  As we consider God’s goodness and steadfast love to our families, communities, our nation, and the nations of the earth, may you overflow with thanksgiving tomorrow, and always!
We are thankful for YOU!

Cambodia Hatrick September 26, 2016

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Hi everyone.

Seriously? This is the only helmet you have...?

Seriously? This is the only helmet you have?

Three times in 10 months must be a new record for me working in Cambodia.  I am sitting at Incheon airport in Korea waiting for my flt back the USA, coming from a very full 10 days in Battambang, Cambodia. This is my third trip here in 10 months.  Each one worth every moment.  December was staff training for an upcoming giant collaborative DTS, April was teaching in that “ASEAN” DTS, and this trip was running the leadership school, “DTS Equip” for many of those staff and leaders in the region.

The 2016 ASEAN+ DTS Equip (faces blurred for security)

The 2016 ASEAN+ DTS Equip (faces blurred for security)

A week ago we kicked off the 4th ASEAN+ DTSEquip (referring to the ASEAN alliance among Sth East Asian nations) in Cambodia.   This is our 18th Equip program run since 2007, across 4 global regions.  This particular school has 23 participants and 6 staff from Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, New Zealand, USA and Canada.  A wonderful group of YWAM staff and school leaders from the nations, going back out there to evangelize, disciple, and then disciple others.  My teaching covered an array of topics cornerstone to effective Christian leadership and discipleship: identity in Christ, personal discipleship, leadership thinking, long-term discipleship, self leadership, and spiritual authority.

Some personal highlights for me:

  • Seeing those I have worked with for years since their beginnings in Christian discipleship now walking in maturity and leading others.
  • Seeing old friends. Faithful people who are giving everything to be (and raise their families) on the front lines of missions.  One of them is the Equip school leader: a young lady from Washington. We led her DTS, taking her to Cambodia for outreach. She has been living there for 6 years since and is now leading the DTS Equip for the region.
  • Working with people who have come out of closed nations to take the training so they can do even more effective work in their own lands (Myanmar, Vietnam).  Their courage and determination is both empowering and convicting.
  • Seeing the nation of Cambodia develop.  This is not always encouraging, but in general things are improving, and the church is making an impact in various areas of society.
  • Coming home to my own family  🙂
The boys from Vietnam!

The boys from Vietnam!

Myanmar represent!

Myanmar represent!

Classroom at 110 degrees

Classroom at 110 degrees











Video Message – Jeremy, “The Fullness of Christ” September 8, 2016

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Some of you have asked for links to our teachings, lectures, sermons, etc.

Periodically I am asked to preach the message at our church.  On July 31 I preached the final message in a 4-part series on the book of Colossians.

It’s 33 minutes long. I hope it comes across OK, I haven’t watched it in it’s entirety.  I could barely even stand to prep’ it for this blog!   Famous last words.



Equipping: Montana, Sth East Asia, and a short video. August 29, 2016

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Hello partners, friends and family!Wests (2)-001

With September approaching we have just completed one assignment and about to embark on another.
Montana 2016: 18th DTS Equip completed!
DTS Equip is the leadership and staff development school we created many years ago.  We recently completed another DTS Equip here in Montana, USA.  Amazingly, I think this was the 18th DTS Equip run worldwide (and the year is’t over yet!).  We had 22 participants including a couple of people who were refused visas last year.  People came from/working in…  Thailand, Russia, Nth Africa, Spain, UK, N.Z., Canada, and of course the USA.
This Equip was also exciting as we had two new school leaders co-lead the DTS Equip; a dream coming true.
ASEAN+ DTS Equip about to launch
Next month the ASEAN+ DTS Equip kicks off in Cambodia. We are feverishly preparing for that, and as of right now, we have 22 participants preparing to come from Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, USA, NZ, and Canada.  Please keep this school in your prayers.  Many of these people are making long difficult trips and finances are a real challenge.
Bless you ALL for following us, supporting the work, and encouraging us along the way.  As a final encouragement to YOU, watch this short clip:   …So God created the missionary “
This is why we do what we do.  Whether you have served with YWAM or not, anyone who sees themselves as a “sent one”, or works toward sending people, is advancing the Kingdom of God.  We can ALL be missionaries!
Jeremy and Molly

Joel receives special school award June 2, 2016

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We just had to show this.

Joel receives the special, 6th grade “Dawn Bowker Award” given for excellence in character, integrity, and citizenship.  Only one individual in the 6th grade, one in the 7th grade and one in the 8th grade at his school can receive it, for the entire school year.  Knowing that he would be away next week (when the other two are given) his wonderful teacher organized a presentation with his other 6th grade classes and teachers so, “he could receive it in front of his peers”.  She called us earlier in the week to let us know and ensure we could be there.

We are so proud of him.  He had no idea it was going to happen  🙂

After that we took him to get a treat, anything he wanted> “a cheeseburger, fries and EXTRA LARGE cookie-dough Blizzard”.  Ugh!  (see pics below)






May 2016 Update June 1, 2016

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This last month, while busy, leaves us satisfied with successful ministry, family life, and the approaching schedule of June!
The Maui DTS

The Maui DTS

I have just returned from Maui where I was teaching in a Discipleship Training School; the topic, Identity in Christ and Discipleship. This school is now only 3 weeks away from their outreach in Bangl.adesh (spelling deliberate). This was a very fulfilling week. A small school, yet huge in heart. So dedicated to the teaching, application in their own life, and commitment to taking the gospel to the nations. When there they will be working strategically alongside existing long-term ministries.

This next week I bring to conclusion 9 months of various Staff Development teachings at our ministry campus in Montana. Each month we have been moving a small group through lessons, reading and discussion on Spiritual Formation: in self and, for the facilitation for others.
June holds a very exciting schedule for us as a family. In a week I fly to Kona, our largest campus, to teach in the Discipleship Bible School. This is a second level school combining the overview of the entire Bible, with the specific theme of discipleship. I have a large teaching task for the week, but the GREAT news is that the whole family is coming along! By using airline certificates, mileage tickets, and one paid ticket, we can all stay for some vacation together. Our friends are letting us stay in their condo while they are gone, as well as use their car. God is good. His goodness working through the generosity and consideration of others is giving us a great wonderful time with friends, and family. Needless to say that our kids are soooo excited!
At the end of June, our leadership school DTS Equip will begin for the summer; back to the grind!
Thanks for following along and being part of making a difference.
Jeremy and Molly

7 |100 |160 in Cambodia April 4, 2016

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Heading out!

Heading out!

7 days in Cambodia, 100+ degree temperature, and 160 people.

It was definitely the hottest weather I have experienced in Cambodia.
We are sitting in Seoul airport right now waiting for our evening flt back to the States.  My son Samuel and I have been in Cambodia for the “ASEAN DTS” – a collaboration of 10 Discipleship Training Schools from nations all over Sth East Asia, focused on reaching the ASEAN nations: about 160 people (for a description of “ASEAN” see our previous blog).  DTS’s came from Singapore, Thailand (3), Cambodia (2), Vietnam (2), Myanmar, and Kona.
I was invited to spend focused time coaching and training the leaders.  While I did do a couple of teachings sessions during the week, I was mostly meeting with people, (and teams) in the afternoons, breakfasts, dinners, lunches, and in-between; I loved being used.  You can’t come here and not be impacted.  I learn and gain so much from being with so many committed people in the region.  Our lives – by comparison – seem so easy.
Being with these 160 people was amazing.  We had times of HUGE giving to each other for unpaid outreach finances, personal gifts, and encouragement.  There were also application times of good-old crying out to God for more heart for people, evangelism passion, repentance, praying for each other, and sending people with pioneering vision for the missions.
Definitely a highlight for me, my son Samuel came along.  He loves Cambodia and always wants to join me when I go.  SO many people know our family and for them to see Samuel again was fun for them too.  Samuel did great.  He came to classes, suffered the heat (!), stayed up late, hung out with people, and helped take care of some kids a couple of mornings.  He did great with the food too.  Everyone thought he was wonderful, and I loved having him travel with me.  Really good times together.  A very special thank you to those who gave to YWAM to send Samuel on this trip.  It was worth it.  Thank you.
Coming home! Just too tired...

Coming home! Just too tired…

This is my second trip to Cambodia in 4 months, and I am back again in September for our leadership training course for the region, “Asean+ DTS Equip”.  Enjoy the photos,
Jeremy and Samuel!
Sam with Borat, our Khmer friend from 2012.

Sam with Borith, our Khmer friend from 2012.

Long term friends and co-workers: Yuka and Deem.

Long term friends and co-workers: Yuka and Deem.








A quick encouragement to a group about to head out. Bikes are still the cheapest and easy way to get around

A quick encouragement to a group about to head out. Bikes are still the cheapest and easy way to get around

Crying out to God for more passion to evangelize the precious lost.

Crying out to God for more passion to evangelize the precious lost.

praying for people who know they are called to pioneer new ministries in various nations

praying for people who know they are called to pioneer new ministries in various nations

Sam praying with/for people going into the region.

Sam praying with/for people going into the region.













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